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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Ever Grande Stadium (First Elimination)

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel has made it to Ever Grande Stadium, barely in time, as he struggles to win in the First Elimination...
I made it to the registration and saw the list of registrations.
1. Pinky
2. Kristina
3. Belle
4. Lorena
5. Kris
6. Fabio
7. Billy
8. Winona
9. Holly
10. Flannery
11. Porto
12. Melanie
13. Sasha
14. Mark
15. Gabriel
16. Uriel
"I guess I'm last" I said. "Wish you could of come earlier" Gabriel said walking to me. All trainers went to the Stadium where Brendan spoke and said the matchups.
First Round Elimination
Uriel vs Billy
Gabriel vs Lorena
Mark vs Fabio
Sasha vs Pinky
Melanie vs. Porto
Holly vs Belle
Flannery vs Kris
Winona vs Kristina
"Guess is you Billy" I said. "Yeah" Billy said.
Brendan came with us to the Arena. "Only three pokemon can be use" Brendan said. "I got you" I said. "Sure" Billy said. Billy goes first, "GO Crobat" Billy said. "GO Sharpedo" I said. "BEGIN" Brendan said. Sharpedo use Ice Fang, DODGE and use Cross Poison. Crobat went first and poisoned Sharpedo and managed to knockout Crobat. "Return, GO Xatu use Air Slash. Xatu finished off Sharpedo. "Return, GO Metagross use Meteor Mash, Return, Go Politoed use Payback. Metagross attack but Politoed ended up beating down Metagross. "Uriel has only one pokemon left to use" Brendan said. "GO Heliolisk use Thunderbolt. Heliolisk managed to move first and knockout Politoed. "Return, GO Xatu use Air Slash, Thunderbolt. Heliolisk again moved faster getting the upper hand and won the match for Uriel. "Uriel is moving on the the Second Round, alongside, Gabriel, Mark, Sasha, Melanie, Holly, Kris, and Kristina. The Next match are,
Second Round Elimination
Uriel vs Gabriel
Mark vs Sasha
Melanie vs Holly
Kris vs Kristina