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Pokemon nuzlocke: Virtues & Sins: ep.7 The Bet pt.2

by phoenixacezero

phoenixacezero Today the day we see the result of the bet unfold and Queen double the ante. Who will win?
I do not own the epicness known as Pokemon or nuzlocke. The pokemon belong to nintendo and nuzlocke belong to nuzlokce. I only own the OC character Please leave a comment after readigng the story.
Narrator POV
On the last Episode of Virtues and Sins. Drago and Queen made a bet. Should Drago wins, Queen will join Drago's team and should he lose he give her half of his money. Drago battle N and won. N then reveals that he need more power and say that he need to get reshiram. Will Drago beat the second gym leader? And who are the mysterious figure and what are they up to
Queen PoV
Queen: I'm almost there. *reaches a Research lab facility. peers through the window and see a male blitzle being experimented on.* David.

David Blitzle: * start to glow. the one of the machine start to overload and explodes.*


Queen: *wakes up. Peers from the bush she sleeping in and see it still nighttime.* Ugh. *peers through the window of the room Drago and Shauntal staying in.* I swear, I will become stronger, no matter what the cost.

ep.7- The Bet pt.2
Drago's PoV
Drago: Come on even. Daddy needs some *I toss the dice into the air and they land on 11 .* FUCK! *another one of my poke ball disappear.*
familiar voice: *hear a pidove coo.*
Drago: Huh? *I look around to see where the voice was coming from. I pick up an ace of hearts. A face of a pidove suddenly appear on it.*
Queen: *peck me.*

Drago: *I wake up in my bed. I grab my glasses and see Queen roosting on the edge of the bed. I put on my pokemon translator. *
Queen: Good, your finally awake.
Drago: Ugh. *yawn.* why did you freaking wake me *I check the clock.* especially this early.
Queen: Quit your Bitching. The best time to start training is early in the morning.
Drago's thought: Yeah, but not this fucking early.
Drago: Wait how did you get in here?
Queen: I told the nurse that I was one of yours pokemon and she let me in. Well, I'll be waiting at the gym when you and your mate are done training. * opens the window and flies out of the window.*
Drago: whatev- *I realize what Queen just said.* SHE NOT MY MATE!
Shauntal: *wakes up and rubs her eyes.* Drago who are you screaming?
Drago: Sorry about that. That pidove from yesterday got in here. She wants us to train.
Shauntal: *grab her glasses* So what are you going to do?
Drago: Might as well train. Plus I need to ask about Hilda.

Serveral hours.
Location: Nacrene Cafe

Jack: *Using his vine to drink a cup of coffee.* Ah. That good cup of Joe
Drago: We ask about everyone in town and still no clue where Hilda is. Where could that girl be?
Shauntal: She wasn't at Striaton city either. Yet again, if she was, she would of took care of Eric.
Drago: or would have been spotted swarmed by fan boys.
Shauntal: that too. *take a sip her mocha* So what your plan?
Drago: Originally, I was going to use Kingpin against all her pokemon, but after doing some research, I decide to lead with Jack against her first pokemon. I really wish I caught a rock type or a high level ghost type. *sigh* So do any of your colleagues know source of virus that causing the poke balls to malfunction?
Shauntal: No. We still have no clue. The only common patten is that it doesn't goes into effect immediately. Plus it odd that it isn't permanent.
Drago: Plus it goes off and on.
Shauntal: That too. Still this does raise a problem. Due to the unpredictability of this virus, There been an increase in poke-thefts and poaching.
Drago: Why do I have the feeling that the bastard who created the program is a complete Fuckjob.
Shauntal: Who knows?
Bishop: Well whoever doing this must had lot of time on their hands. *licking some almond milk from a saucer.*
Jack: Has ton of money and sources.
Gypsy: and seriously needs to get laid, big time. *checking out some of the hot female customers.*
Drago: *I chuckle at Gypsy's joke.*
Shauntal: What so funny?
Drago: *I whisper what Gypsy said into Shauntal's ear.*
Shauntal: *chuckle.* Now that a cruel thing to say, even though it probably true.
Drago: yeah. *I take one last swig of my coffee.* Well lets head to the gym.
Shauntal: alright.

Location: The Nacrene City Gym
Queen's POV

The Nacrene museum- a monument to the past . Containing many interesting finds of civilization. From a meteorite to a mysterious stone black as the night, to festival masks, to fossil. What stand out the most interesting was an exhibit of a Dragonite skeleton.
Queen: *I roll a poke ball under my foot and look at plaque with the name of those who earn their gym badges.* Let see Brooks, Samson, Johnny, , Gold, Tacoman, Hilda, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Lyra, Silver, A raticate that formally belongs to youngster Joey, Cheren, Bianca, and N.... THAT HIPPIE BEAT THE GYM!
Drago: Well someone here already. *notice the poke ball.* What with the poke ball?
Queen: I would like to double our little wager. If you win, not only will you get me, but you'll get what in this poke ball. Lose and you'll have to give me all your money.
Drago; What with Pokemon wanting my freaking money... Also where you get that poke ball?
Queen: It was left in a box. base on the sticker on this poke ball. *point to the pansear sticker.* I'm guessing Pansear.
Drago: Hmm.
???: Excuse me.
Queen: *I turn around and see a skinny man with brown wearing grey clothes.*
Drago: Yes.
Hawes: Welcome! I'm Hawes, the assistant director. Since you were kind enough to visit, I'll give you a tour of the museum.
Drago: Eh, sure. I have time to spare.
Hawes: *Take Drago and his mate to the fossil of a dragonite.* This skeleton is of a Dragon-type Pokémon. There's a theory that it had an accident while it was flying around the world, and so it became a Fossil.
Drago's thought: This is a dragonite fossil. Now I wish it was alive. Could be a useful ally.
Hawes: *take them to the meteorite.* This rock is amazing! It's a meteorite! It contains some kind of energy from space. *take them to the black stone.* Oh, this? It's an ordinary old stone. It was found near the desert, but other than the fact that it's old, it doesn't seem to have any value... We only display it because it's rather pretty to look at. *take them to the back entrance.* The Pokémon Gym is just beyond here. At the end of the Gym, a very strong and kind Gym Leader is waiting. By the way, the Gym Leader Lenora happens to be my wife!"

My eyes widen at the last part of his sentence. This guy is the gym leader's mate. How did I guy court a gym leader? Well I'll sleep on it.

Drago's Pov.

Drago: *press the last button revealing a secret passage way.* Thank Arceus that none of these puzzle are hard. * I grab a book saying Unova short's. I skim through the book and came across a story called Trials of Knights.*
Drago's thought: Once there were 9 knights who were sent on a quest to defeat an evil wizard that hid in a tower. The orange knight was the first to die after eating a poison tart along with the most of the ration. The purple knight died next after allowing his pride get the better of himself and get pierced in the head by a blade he said he could catch with his bare hands. A woman assassin sent by the wizard seduce the blue knight and kill him in bed. The yellow knight was lynched by a mob after he was caught accepting a bribe from a guilty man who told him to let him slide. The light blue knight stricken with grief from the deaths of his comrade drank a potion that put him into an eternal sleep. The red knight was killed in a bar fight after his anger got the best of him. And green knight was executed after killing another man out of pure envy.
Drago: *I keep reading and see a few pages missing. there also seem to be traces of bites marks* Great.
Shauntal: Oh no. The book is ruined.
Drago: By the judging of the bite marks. *put it back* Let's just go.
Shauntal: okay

We walked down the stairs and it led us to an underground room covered with books scattered across the room. Sitting near the desk was dark skin woman with a teal afro. Her clothing seem to be something a baker would wear.

Drago: I'm here for a gym battle.
Lenora: Ah, you must be Drago.
Drago: How do you know my name?
Lenora: Two trainers name Cheren and Bianca told me about a white haired trainer named Drago. They also told me how you and your girlfriend manage to help Straiton City with their problem.
Drago: Yeah. Can I ask why you closed the gym.
Lenora: Well, after two battles, I let my pokemon unwind and relax. You see my pokemon not only do I use my pokemon to battle, but they also help me run my gym. So do you know what a separate a cocky trainer from a trainer that know what he or she doing.

Drago: Yeah. One has a plan and the other just flexing their muscles through one pokemon.
Lenora: Good.I've faced many trainers and it seem one of the most novice mistake they could make is relying on one pokemon because of it type advantage it have. enough talk lets battle. *send out a Herrier.*

Drago: *I sent out Jack.* Use leech seed.
Jack: *Fire a seed onto Herrdier.*

Xion pov
Location: Xion's building.

Xion: *I watch a battles against the Iris.* Impressive.
Dawn Gardevoir: Madame. I got some more information on some of the team Plasma grunts.
Xion: Thank you Dawn. Let see *pick up a file on Nigarvi.* Nigarvi.... Born into a wealthy family.
Dawn: Why would a trainer from a rich family be involved with team plasma?
Xion: It obvious. He probably joined because of they're involvement in saving those women and want to be part of something great. Same for most brown nosing bitch.
Dawn: Personal experience.
Xion: Sort of. My dad told me that during when he was young, most people either fear him due to grandpa or try to get on his good side him as a way of boosting their social status. My dad warned me of such people and taught me a secret trick on how to see their true color. *I pick up the picture of Nigarvi wearing trendy business.* With that said. How long do you think Nigarvi show his true color?
Dawn: hmm...

Drago's Pov

Lenora's Herrdier: *Faints from leech seed*
Drago: Yes. thank you arceus for creating leech seed.
Drago's thought: And it only took me half of my heals.
Lenora: Well this getting interesting. go watchog. *throw watchog pokeball.*
Watchog: *materializes.*
Drago: Return Jack. *I return Jack into his poke ball.* Go Kingpin * I sent out Kingpin.*
Kingpin: alright, alright, show me what go-
Watchog: *uses hypnosis on Kingpin,*
Lenora: By arceus, how many time do I tell you not to attack without thinking first.
Watchog: sorry.
Drago: *I break a chesto berry open and toss it at Kingpin feet.*
Kingpin: *get a whiff of the chesto berry and wakes up.* Does anyone smell coffee ground?
Lenora: retaliate.
Watchog: *hit kingpin with swift attack.*
Drago: Kingpin, use arm thrust.
Kingpin: *throw three power thrust with his arms at watchog.*
Watchog: *faints.*
Lenora: good job *Return watchog into it poke ball.* Well you won Drago. here take this badge. *hand Drago the Basic badge.*
Drago: thanks you. *I put it into my badge case.*

I hear a scream up stairs.

Lenora: That sound like it came from up stairs.
Lenora WHAT?! *runs up the stairs*
Drago: *I follow Lenora. When we reached the museum and see a bunch of thugs with the dragonite skulls one of them. A few of them recall their fainted pokemon. I look at where the fainted pokemon were at and tranquill standing near the spots.*
Trainquill: ruffians.
Drago: *Surprised.* QUEEN!
Queen: Good to hear you Drago.
A thug: *throw a smoke ball. The room quickly become cover with a white smoke. the smoke clear and they're gone.*
Drago: Crap.

We quickly exit the gym and look around for the thugs. Cheren and Bianca walk up.

Bianca: Hey Drago. We came to see if you won your gym badge.
Cheren: *notice my expression.* is there some kind or problem?”
Drago: Some bitch ass punks just ransacked a shull from the museum.
Binaca & Cheren: What?!
Burgh: *jumps out of a tree.* So that what was all the noise was about? Don't worry I'll get your skull back. Uh-huh. You are...Drago, is it? Are you raring to round up our robbers?
Drago: *I Crack my knuckles.* Lets.
Queen: Well good luck with that.
Drago: Your not going to help.
Queen: It none of my business. Beside I'm not your pokemon and I doubt you w-
Drago: *I smile as I showed her the basic badge.*
Queen: .... Bugger!
Drago: Time to get into the ball. *I toss a poke ball at Queen. I doesn't work.* ...... Fuck....
Queen: ... Too bad, still I'm a lady of my word. So I will join you. But should you lose, I will leave you.
Drago: Fine by me.

To be continued