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Pokemon Nuzlocke: Phantom Destiny: Ep.7 Hostage Situation at the Windworks

by phoenixacezero

I do not own the epicness know as pokemon or the Awesomeness know as Nuzlocke. Those good eggs belong to Nintendo an Nuzlocke. Please enjoy the Following. Oh. I also don't own the scary maze game, the Jetsons or Custom Robo battle revolution.Last time on Phantom Destiny. Lance got closure from Chimmira after their run in with Lance's former trainer Brutus. Also Rocko and Dawn save Carrie a Budew from poachers. Now back with action at near our heroes next destination, Floraroma town.

Valley Windworks

Windworks scientist name Monroe: *working on maintaining the plant* When are they going to come back with the pizza.

The door slowly creaks open.

Monroe: *looks and see a black hair man wearing a lab outfit.* Ah Sinjin. Did you and glameow bring *notice some of the grunts from Team Galactic behind him.* who are these people.
Sinjin: The rulers of a new universe.
Monroe: Huh?
Sinjin: You can also become a god and create a universe that fulfill your desire that Arceus has denied you for so long and all you need to do is allow only us to use the energy from this place and to cut off the power from the rest of Sinnoh. *Devilish grin appear on his face.* So what do you say?
Monroe: *concerned.* Do you know what you are saying right now? Cut off all the power in the regions ...a new universe... becoming a god. I will not help you with your crazy plan and nothing will change my mind.
???: Too bad.

A red haired woman wearing a short-medium light black and grey skirt dress with a galactic G on the back of the collar.

Red haired girl: Then we will have to convince you or just end up destroying you , along with this universe and those that oppose us. *
Chaos Zubat: *Fly behind Monroe and bear it fangs near Monroe's neck.*
Mars: *point at two grunts. You two take this key and hide in the meadow. *hand them the key.* Sinjin. Keep and eye out for this guy *show a picture of Rocko.* Also take care of any other trainer that try to interfere
Sinjin and two grunts: Yes Lady Mars *head out.*

Meanwhile from the window of the lab, A small girl watches in horror at Monroe's current predicament.

Young girl: Daddy.


Rocko's Pov
Location Floraroma town.

There are many perks to being a pokemon trainer. 1- making new friends both human and pokemon, 2- You get to see new places and awesome sights like the Floraroma Town an Veilstone City, which beat staying home all day and seeing the same old sights with the occasional excitement, and 3- NO NAGGING MOTHER! Being a trainer is awesome. It the most perfect lifestyle.

Bob: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *run away in terror.*

One of which is that you sometime have to act as the parent figure of a group of six pokemon and prevent them from murdering each other.

Rocko: *face palm.* Ugh. Now I know how mom feel. *I chase after them hoping to prevent Chimmira from killing Bob.*
Carrie: *sewing a voodoo doll with a poison barb.* Should we help Bob?
Loki: *Relaxing on the couch with his eyes close.* Nah bra.
Lance & Celeste: *playing against each other in custom robo battle revolution.
Celeste: *Finish him off with a charge with Milky Ways.* In your face.
Lance: *angry.* I'm getting a drink.
Aqua: *Return with a female buizil.* I bac- *see Bob being chased by Chimmira.*
Female Buizil: {poke speak} Is it always like this?
Aqua: Most of the time.
Chimmira: *launch a mach punch at Bob.*
Bob's thought: CRAP!
Bob: *He puts his paws up. glow and evolve into a Bibarel. He catches the punch.*
Chimmira: Whoa.
Rocko: And that why I got Bob. He become a dual type. True he gain a few weaknesses, but he also gain a few resistance to other types.
Bob: Plus I became a water type. SO WHO THE BI-
Lance: *toss a soda can at the back.*
Bob: Ouch! What in heck?
Lance: There are many things a man should not do in life. One is never agitate a woman any further if they're angry at you, especially when they have the strength to kick your ass.
Bob: Good point.
Rocko: Plus we don't want you two wrecking the place fighting each other and get the other riled up. Let's go outside and train .
Bob: Actually Rocko, I was wondering if you could box me.
Rocko: How come?
Bob: I don't really like fighting that much. I'm more of a pet than a fighter. Plus the new girl umm *point at the buizil.*
Female buizil:{poke speak} Beyonetta.
Bob: Rght. Beyonetta has no weaknesses. She be perfect for battles.
Beyonetta: {poke speak} Actually I came here to join up as a reserve pokemon as well.
Aqua: She said she wishes to join but only as a reserve pokemon.
Rocko: In that case, *I toss a ball at Beyonetta. The ball shook 3 time and pinged.* I caught a buizil.*teleport to somewhere.* Now your turn. *I recall Bob back into his poke ball.*
Chimmira: Your going to send him to the professor.
Rocko: Yeah. If he doesn't want to battle he doesn't have to. I can't force him.

Location: Valley Windworks.
Normal PoV

Sinjin: *Hears someone coming.* Huh? *Look in the direction of the voice and see Rocko and his team walking down the road. He pull out his poke ball and summon his glammeow.* Hide. *both of them hide behind the bushes and waits for the perfect opportunity.*

Rocko: Alright guys this seem like the perfect spot to train. Lets begin shall we

Rocko's pokemon cheered and went straight to training, but oblivious to our hero, Sinjin is concocting his plan to defeat Rocko.

Sinjin's thought: Step one. Use knife and kill the kid, step two. Snag his pokemon and convert them into my own minion. Step 3. MAKE THE WORLD BOW DOWN AT MY KNEES, Step four. Profit.
Sinjin: *Pull out a knife and try to sneak up to Rocko, but accidentally step on a buizil, causing it to screech in pain.*
Rocko and his team: *look at where the sound is coming from and see Sinjin.*
Sinjin: *kick the buizl away.* Stupid pokemon. *notice the others*

insert Kill Bill theme here

Chimmira: .....
Sinjin: ...
Chimmira: .....
Sinjin: ...
Chimmira: .....
Sinjin: ...
Chimmira: .....

Few minute later.

Rocko PoV

I just stand there looking at scene before me. Chimmira 's dancing around the burning remains of the bush and the red and black primordial ooze of the glameow. I look at the guy laying on the ground, passe out after Chimmira landed multiple punches to the head.

Carrie: *shocked.* Y-you j-j-ust ki-killed ano-other p-o
Rocko: That wasn't a pokemon.
Carrie: What? But that was a glam-
Rocko: I know that. What I mean is that it isn't a pokemon in the normal sense. There some sort weird gunk that take on the form of pokemon and people.
Carrie: No one told me we would be dealing with the occult . yet again, that could explain what happening in Eterna Forest.
Rocko: What do you mean?
Carrie: Trainers who visit Eterna Forest recently have their pokemon stolen and each of these theft one things in common.
Rocko: And that would be
Carrie: That it was shaymin who stole their pokemon.
???: *telepathy * What?
Rocko's thought: Who are you and how did you get inside my head.
Shaymin: *telepathy* I am Shaymin. The real one. Listen I want you to find out who or what been posing as me and their grass.
Rocko's thought: Okay.
Shaymin: *telepathy.* Good. Please do it quickly, before who know what happens.
Rocko: Okay. Let try the plant. *I peek through one of the windows and see a bunch people that look like blue haired space guys, a girl with red hair with an outfit that look something straight out of Jetson an some black hair man in a lab coat working on a strange machine attached to the generator* Okay guys here the plan. We bust in and kick butt.
Chimmira: sound goo to me. *tackle the door, but it still stand. Pound it rapidly.* let us in or I'm breaking it down!
Celeste: that won't work. This door is made of a metal so powerful that even a fully evolved dragon type couldn't break that door opened. Same for the window
Chimmira: then how did that guy get in?
Loki: one of them posed as a pizza delivery dude.
Lance: what make you think that Loki?
Loki: I would opened the door for a flamethrower Pizza. Especially a There thunder-pucker pizza, but that just me. { it like a Hawaiian pizza.} .
Lance: I prefer the Fire King supreme.
???: hey.
Rocko: huh? *I turn around and see a small girl with black hair, blue eyes and wearing a lab coat.*
lab-coat girl: Can you help my daddy? He been captured by a bunch of spacemen.
Rocko's thought: Is she talking about the that black haired guy. .. IT A HOSTAGE SITUATION. Okay, don't panic Rocko.
Rocko: Don't worry, we'll save your father. All we need to do is get this door open and we can kick butt.
Lab-coat girl: I overheard one them ordering two of those guys to hide the key in Floraroma Meadow.
Chimmira: You heard the girl Rose-hair. Let go to Meadow and kick some ass.
Lab coat girl: Thanks. I'm Tina
Rocko: Rocko Blitzshell.

Floraroma Meadow
Normal Pov

Grunt1: *Finish bashing some guy over the head with a rock.* There. The deed is done.
Grunt2: Good. Now lets *notice Rocko and his team.*
Rocko: *shocked expression on his face.* .....
Grunt1: What with you... Oh it the dead corpse isn't it.
Rocko: *Nod.*
Grunt1: Well listen. This world is cruel and only the strongest will survive.
Grunt2: And those who are weak are only to be devoured by strong. That what it take to get ahead in life.
Grunts 1 & 2: And Team Galactic will do whatever it take to make our dream a reality.
Rocko:... *calm voice* If that the case, Chimmira
Chimmira: Yes.
Rocko: *calm voice.* Beat the shit out of them.
Chimmira: Gladly.

CENSORED. Trust me you don't want to see.

Chimmira: *holding a key.* That was easy.
Celeste: and you gave them an improvement on their looks. I mean the guys look like some sort of pop star wannabe reject.
Rocko's thought: I'm scarred for life. At least it can't be more traumatizi- Who am I kidding. This is going to be a traumatizing journey. Especially with these team Galactic guy.

Rocko's POV

Rocko: *I look through the window an see a bunch grunts and their pokemons and a scientist.* Okay. Here the plan. Here the plan. Celeste, Loki, Lance, Carrie and create a distraction. Chimmira sneak around and secure the guy. Okay.
Chimmira: Got it.
Lance: Si
Loki: No problem.
Celeste: Ready.
Carrie: *nods.*
Rocko:*I use the key to the door.* ATTACK!

I in rushes with Celeste, Carrie ,Loki and Lance. I grab the nearest blunt object and start swinging like a mad man at the goons and their pokemon.

Chimmira: *sneak around during the confusion and try to take out a red haired woman that look like a person from the Jetsons. She jumps jump and uses a Mach punch.*
Purrugly: *uses fake out on Chimmira.*
Chimmira: *flinches and stumbes back.*
Chaos zubat: *flies toward Chimmira''s back with a knife.*
Rocko: CHIMMIRA LOOKS OUT BEHIND YOU! *I ran to Chimmira's side.*
Chimmira: *turns around and notice the zubat. she quickly retaliate with a rock tomb.*
Red haired girl: *walks up to her. * So your the one the boss been talking about... I don't get.
Rocko: Huh?
Red haired girl: I mean when I heard that someone with a Monferno manage to broke our control, I was expecting a muscly badass trainer, not some girl that got won by pure luck.
Rocko: Well I didn't expect I would be fighting rejected Jetson character.
Red hiared girl: Do you know who your talking to? I am Mars, one of commander of Team Galactic. You best show me some respect.
Rocko: I'll show you some respect when you earn it.
Mars: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Purrugly scratch!
Rocko: Chimmira, Mach punch!
Chimmira: *Move quickly and land a punch on Purrugly.*
Purrugly: *scratch Chimmira in the face.*
Rocko: Keep using mach punch.
Chimmira: *mach punching Purugly on different spots, But it barely doing damage.*
Purugly: *retaliate by scratching Chimmira furiously.*
Chimmira: *holding her cuts in pain.*
Rocko: *I fire a healing beam at Chimmira.*
Mars: Just give up. You can't beat me.
Chimmira: Shut up you slut. *the flame from her tail start to engulf her body. she start spinning like a wheel and charge at purrugly,*
Rocko's thought: That flame wheel.
Chimmira: *Crashes into the purrugly and sends it flying into the wall.
Purrugly: *faints.*
Mars: *recall Purrugly.* I lost to a child. How... I...
Scientist with light purple hair: *come in.* My, my. Lose to a child, will you? But, no matter. We’ve collected plenty of electricity. With the power we obtained, we can do something quite spectacular. It seems quite obvious to me, Charon, the genius even the boss recognizes.
Rocko: If being an overweight purple haired guy that looks like pedo-clown count as genius, then yes sir you are a genius.
Mars: *fall to the floor and start laughing*
Charon: Grr. Mars, we should be going. *leave, while cursing under his breath.*
Mars: *get ups.* Right. grunts. *giggle.* Move out.

All of that were still conscious left the building, leaving their passed out comrade on the ground. The ooze around them fade away.

Rocko: Well... at least we know what their thought on "No man get left behind." idea.
Monroe: Thank you for saving me.
Rocko: Thanks, but we wouldn't have gotten in here without Tina's help.
Monroe: Tina? Who Tina?
Rocko: Your daughter.
Monroe: ... That impossible. She died 5 years ago from a gun shot when some thugs came into our town. Are you sure it wasn't somebody playing a mean prank.
Rocko: Probably. What does she look like?
Monroe: She has black hair, blue eyes with my skin color.
Rocko: Did she ever wear a lab coat.
Monroe: *chuckle lightly.* All the time since she was 3. She even made asked me if she died, that she would be buried with it. *sadly sigh.*
Rocko's thought: Then the Tina I met, was a
Chimmira: *faints.*
???: Thank you.

We turn around and see Tina floating in midair.

Monroe: TINA!
Tina: Hello daddy.
Chimmira: G-ghgost. *faints.*
Celeste: *Catches her.*
Tina: Is your monferno okay.
Rocko: She okay. She just passed out because of a ghost.
Tina: *chuckle awkwardly.*Sorry.
Rocko: It okay.
Tina: Hopefully, They didn't startle the pokemon that come here.
Monroe: Don't worry honey, I'm sure it will come back regardless what happens.
Tina: *Giggle.*
Rocko: Well, We'll be going now.
Monroe: Thank you.
Tina: Bye bye.

Route 205

We walk down route 205, exhausted from battling trainer on this place. We look around for a rest house a trainer told us about.

Rocko: Where is that place? I swear if I run into one more trainer, I'm going to scream. Lance, can you go look for some berry.
Lance: No problem. *goes off.*

Lance's pov

I looked around the area till I found a couple berry trees. I picked how as much berries I could carry with my wings.


Lance: Huh? *I turn around and suddenly a pruple blur tackle me and knock me to the ground. I look up and see a deranged aipom with three knives. Before I could react the crazed monkey pinned my wings down. It slowly walked toward and pointed it neck. Only one thought was going through my head.*
Lance's thought: I'm going to die.

to be continue