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by Eeveelution Master

Eeveelution Master Just a small poem I made.
They make us human
Make us see things differently
They hold us back or help us
They are good as well as bad
They are very complicated
To tell you the truth, they make me not want to be human anymore
Bottling them up makes me hurt but it’s better than letting them go and run free like a rampaging ocean of despair
I'd rather be a force of nature
Fire or water
Earth or air
Anything but this flesh and blood we call "living"
Why can't I just float away on a breeze?
Sometimes it feels like I will
What do I do?
Is anyone there who can understand the beauty of my words?
Because right now I am feeling the emotion I hate most
  1. Tsukiko Hayashi
    Tsukiko Hayashi
    I'm glad you liked it ^^
    Oct 29, 2013
  2. Shiny_Ducklett
    Oct 26, 2013