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Elemental Academy Chapter 3

by Thieving Fox

Avery's POV
As I walked down the hallway, I heard a very high pitched, very girly scream. Even Dylan's scream isn't that girly. I walked towards the sound to see Hoogen removing his foot from a screaming blonde haired girl's tiny snowman. Just as Hoogen was about to apologize, the girl created a large snowball and threw it at him. I growled. Nobody does that to my friends. It's a good thing that my specialized teacher Mr. Hayne was holding a fighting tournament for us Ice Powers. I couldn't wait to use my favourite weapon. The super awesome Jakob hitting Ice Blade. Later on, I was facing a kid named Noah, a tricky yet powerful Ice power. I had to use a strategy to confuse him and distract him. So, I threw a bunch of Ice Daggers everywhere, confusing him. And confusing him means I can hit him. And hitting him in the face meant I won. I had now faced 14 opponents, and for some freaking reason, I haven't battled that blondey girl. I guess she ether lost her first round or won her rounds. Most likely the 1st one. I waited for the last round, and when the buzzer went, I went out to the stadium to see my opponent. Surprisingly, it was that blondey! "The final battle will be between Avery and Hailey! Let the round commence!" So her name was Hailey, eh? Blondey fits her better. I readied my Ice Blade as she ran towards me. She had a ice staff in her hand, and when she swung it at me, I dodged awesomely. I am awesome, by the way. I slashed her with my blade, and she started screaming. I punched her then, and she started screaming louder. WOW. I cannot believe she made it this far by screaming. She then summoned a blizzard at me, freezing me. While she started dancing, I started doing what I did best. I formed a fireball, (Yes, I have the ability to create a powerful blast by using the molocues in the weather, and because today was sunny, I could use fire.) I blasted the Ice away and created the biggest ice sphere I have ever made. Probably because I was very angry and annoyed. I then launched it at her and she went flying into the wall. Oops. I little too stong, huh?
Kevin's POV
Today in my specialized class, I was sitting next to some kid named Storm. He kept annoying me, and whenever I told him to stop, he just laughed it off. Damn him. My specialized teacer Mr. Fraser was going on about how in grade 6, the football team was filled with a bunch of hillbillies. After class, Storm followed me to my next class. Is hein all of my classes? Hopefully not. But it turns out all he wanted to do was put a Kick me sign on my butt. God, why did you make him a Elemental? I was reading for most of the class, which is probably because Ambo kept attacking the teacher. Max wasn't here for this class, so I'll have to see if he's all right later on. For right now, I'll just read Diary of a Wimpy Skiddo and try to block out the noises of the teacher being attacked by a purple monkey. Later on, it was battle class, and my opponent was sadly Storm. I knew that since he could most likely match my skills in power, I'd have to use my special ability. My special ability is that I'm able to turn myself into lightning and travel through lights. I traveled through the light, amusingly watching the shocked look on Storm's face. I then jumped down and struck him with my lightning sword. Storm staggered back a bit, before hitting me with his thunder hammer. I hen short circuited the lighting systems, then turned into lightning and jumped into it again. Storm turned on the lights again, and looked around for me. I then did my favourite thing when I'm in the lights. I blasted Storm with my super awesome giga bolt attack. He never saw it coming. Now to check on Max.
Hoogen's POV
I was having a very awkward moment. Ryan was given a Banana costume by his mom for his birthday, and when he put it on, Max assumed it was an evil banana monster who was a threat to humanity. So here I was, watching myy friend chase my best friend's little brother around the room. Max was trying to smash Rya with his hammer, while Ryan was trying to blow Max away, but to no avail. I guess I'll have to- "WTF?!?" I heard. I turned around to see Kevin standing in the room, his mouth agape. I sweatdropped. I would be doing the same thing if Max was chasing my little brother around who was wearing a banana costume.

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  1. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    So I just call you Adrian? I'll do it!
    Oct 17, 2014
  2. Adrian2AMBoss
    Oct 17, 2014
  3. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    Finally, you admit it.:o
    Oct 9, 2014
  4. PokemanCraft
    Yes, my screams are kinda girly. Oh yeah, I hate Storm too.
    Oct 9, 2014
  5. sucuri
    First POV reminded me of the Freezing Anime. Really nice work. I like how you used pokemon world with real world in different shape, not centering it around "little" monsters. :)
    Oct 6, 2014