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Diary of a GYM Leader: Diary of a GYM leader.

by Hecotoro

Hecotoro Chapter 6
January 4th, 2019.

Dobby woke me up today. She smacked me with her cotton until I noticed it wasn't a soft dream. She guided me quickly to where the egg was kept. It hatched. Everyone welcomed the new addition to our family, Evanz. She was frightened at first from all the Pokemon looking at her, but she soon got confidence and began to play with the smaller ones.
I haven't spent much time with Evanz since me and Jenny are still cleaning the mess from the carnival. When Greenday once again defended his title, there was a big celebration. Our trees and gardens are all full of confetti, balloons and cans. It hasn't been that bad though. Some Pokemon are helping out and Jenny seems to enjoy the excuse to spend more time in the gym.
I still haven't heard from the league on the increased security situation. Which we hope it stays a while longer since the guards assigned to us, Pan and Jack, are really great guys. They even help out in the gym and are considering adding a grass type to their team. I am considering giving them one.
I had a challenger yesterday, different from the rest. He had only two badges and one Pokemon. Despite that, he wanted to challenge Greenday. Of course we accepted. He used an Arcanine who gave us quite a challenge, but wasn't enough to take us down. The trainer was so impressed he asked if I could be his teacher, but of course I said no.
I have to go feed Evanz now, I hope she grows strong enough to join my gym one day.
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