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Diamond's Pokemon Adventure Part 2

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox This time: Our heroes split up to get their own Poketches from......Clowns?!? Also, meet Shinx, Abra and Starly!!!
"So... In jubilife city, you get Poketches for free?" I asked. "Yes, all you have to do is get one of the clown's questions right." Platina explained. "Well, if there's 3 clowns, and 3 of us.... then... Um....." Pearl tried to state. "We'll split up?" I tried to finish. "Uh... Yeah!!!!" Pearl exclaimed. After splitting up.... "Hello, Good Boy, you must be here to answer my riddle to get a Poketch!" The clown exclaimed. I nodded. "Okay, when was the great kanto war?" The Clown asked. "1940 to 1980." I answered. "Correct!" He stated, then gave me my Poketch. "It was an easy question, sir. I read about at my friends library." I stated, then went off to catch up with the others. Meanwhile, with Pearl.... "What type is Piplup?" The Clown asked. "Um...... Fire?" I asked. The clown looked stumped. "Again....What type is Piplup?" He asked. "Uh... Er..... Can I call a friend?" I asked hopefully. Meanwhile with Platinum.... "So to get your poketch, all you have to do is answer this:" I nodded excidedly. "If a Duck, a Rabie and a Priest all walk into a bar......" Back with Diamond...... When I was trying to get to the others, I found a pokemon called Shinx. It was a blue fox like puppy- cat thing,........ I thought it was Cool!!! "Twig, go!!!!" I stated, throwing out my Turtwig. "Razor Leaf!!!" I ordered. "Twiiiiiiig!!!!!!" He shouted as he fired a barrage of leaves at Shinx. They hit Shinx, who then came charging at Twig in ball of electricity. "Absorb to heal up!" "Turrrrrrr!!!" he shouted, firing a red beam. Shinx looked weak, but it was building up a discharge... so...."Go Pokeball!" I threw my Pokeball at Shinx..... It absorbed him..... One.... Two.... Three....Done!!!! I caught a Shinx. I'll go tell the others!!! With Pearl... Finally, after 3 hours of guessing... I got a poketch. I then saw the coolest pokemon ever. It was called.... umm.... was It Staly? Stary? Whatever. "Chimchar!" I shouted. "Ember!" Chimchar shot a ball of fire at starly... Finally I got the name! "Star" It yelled, then flew at top speed towards Chimchar. Quick Attack, huh.... "Fire Punch!" Chimchar's hand got engulfed in fire than he punched Starly, knocking it down. "Go Poke- Whatsit!" I yelled, my red and white ball at Starly. I think I captured it, so I picked it up. Well, better go find Dia! With Platinum... I managed to capture an abra, and I let it out for a while, when suddenly I was teleported into the air in a different area, I think abra was trying to get us to the Pokémon Center. Now I'm 10 feet in the air. "AAHHHHH!!!!" I screamed. "Ow!" I heard. II must of landed on someone. I looked own to see I landed on Dia's back. "Sorry Diamond!" I apologised quickly. "It's alright..." he mumbled. I got off his back and we went to go get Pearl.

Finished Chapter. Sorry for the lame ending. Next Time: The eating duo? Or maybe Trio?
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