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Death Battle!: Death Battle! Zekrom vs Reshriam

by Mewtwofan259

Mewtwofan259 The Unova counterparts fight in a Death Battle!
Mewtwo: People have mixed opinions about Unova, but it is my personal favorite region, mostly because it was the first I ever played.
Pain: Every game after Red and Green have introduced legendary counterparts, one for each game.
Eeveechu: Bash Unova all you want, but you have to admit. The legendary counterparts here are some of the best in the series.
Splash: None of them have had this much distinction, this much rivalry, this much story.
Mewtwo: Or this much power. The struggle between Black and White. Yin and Yang. So now, we’re putting them in a Death Battle!
Pain: Trenton?
Mewtwo: Yeah?
Pain: Why are you writing these things into the scripts?
Mewtwo: Because it’s giving credit where credit’s due?
Eeveechu: You do realize what region you’re talking about, right?
Mewtwo: Just roll the line…
Splash: Zekrom, the Deep Black Pokemon.
Mewtwo: And Reshiram, the Vast White Pokemon.
Pain: He’s Mewtwofan and I’m Lord of Pain!
Eeveechu: The name is Eeveechu151.
Splash: And I’m Splashfur!
Mewtwo: And it’s our job to analyze their movepools, stats, and abilities to find out who would win a Death Battle.

Pain: The story of Yin and Yang. A story of ideals. A story of equals and opposites. Fire and Water, Night and Day, Dark and Light. This is the story of Zekrom and Reshiram.
Eeveechu: Long, long, ago, there was a dragon of immense power. Two brothers shared this dragon, but got into fights about whether to follow truth or ideals.
Splash: So, the Dragon split into 3. Kyurem, who escaped into the Giant Chasm, and the monsters we’re here to talk about today, Zekrom and Reshiram.
Mewtwo: Each dragon followed one of the brothers, taking the path of that brother.
Pain: Eventually, the brothers continued to fight about truth and ideals, so Zekrom and Reshiram fought as well, destroying entire kingdoms with their power.
Eeveechu: The people feared them, and the Dragon’s bodies were eventually destroyed, leaving Zekrom and Reshiram trapped in the Dark and Light stones until a brave hero is to revive them…
Splash: Zekrom is the ideals half of the twins. Possessing great strength and electricity, the generator on Zekrom’s tail is very powerful.
Mewtwo: This generator is said to be able to cause several thunderstorms in different area at once. Zekrom often hides in these huge thunderstorms.
Pain: The generator can also produce high amounts of energy to power up Zekrom’s attacks, as well as disrupt the Earth’s Gravity itself, causing Zekrom to be able to fly with no problem.
Eeveechu: This strength is reflected in Zekrom’s stats. 90 Speed, 100 HP and Special Defense, 120 Defense and Special Attack, and 150 Attack.
Splash: Zekrom’s electric bolts are said to be able to scorch the entire Earth, and we’ve given them the attacks Fusion Bolt, Outrage, Thunder Punch, and Wild Charge.
Mewtwo: They are a very unique type. Dragon/Electric. They are weak to Dragon, Ground, ICe, and Fairy.
Pain: While being resistant to Flying, Steel, Fire, Water, Grass, and Electric.
Eeveechu: Zekrom is very powerful, and very menacing.
plash: Reshiram, on the other hand, represents truths. They are calm and collected, while still very powerful.
Mewtwo: Instead of a generator, Reshiram possesses a powerful jet engine powered by flames.
Pain: This engine can cause Reshiram to fly at very high speeds and scorch everything around it.
Eeveechu: The flames are said to be able to disrupt the earth’s atmosphere and weather.
Splash: A contrast to Zekrom’s powerful look and a shoot first, ask questions later policy, Reshiram is said to be very kindhearted, wanting a world filled with bright happiness. Which is a good thing, because they would destroy the entire world if they weren’t.
Mewtwo: Reshiram has been given access to the moves Fusion Flare, Draco Meteor, Flamethrower, and Blue Flare.
Pain: Reshiram also has a pretty unique type, Fire and Dragon. Weak only to Ground, Rock, and Dragon.
Eeveechu: Reshiram is also resistant to Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, and Electric.
Splash: Reshiram’s stats represent their nature, being more on the special side. 90 Speed, 100 HP and Defense, 120 in Attack and Special Defense, and 150 Special Attack.
Mewtwo: Both Dragons Possess similar abilities, with pretty much the same function. Turboblaze for Reshiram and Teravolt for Zekrom.
Pain: They both allow the Pokemon to use moves regardless of abilities.
Eeveechu: It has been said that only those with a pure heart can awaken these dragons again.
Splash: And maybe, if Kyurem, Zekrom, and Reshiram are brought together, the original dragon will come back and peace will be returned… HINT HINT, GAME FREAK.

Mewtwo: Alright, the combatants are set!
Pain: And the arena is ready!
Eeveechu: Let’s end this debate once and for all!
Splash: It’s time for a Death Battle!

(A dark castle, which stands in a ruined city)
(Flames rage and Lightning Strikes)
(Inside the castle, N and the player stand face to face.)
N: Now… Let us start the show!
(N grasps the Light Stone, and throws it high into the air)
(The wind swirls around it)
(The shape of a dragon glows from the stone.)
(Reshiram roars, and lands in front of N)
(It looks at the player and steps forward)
(The energy inside the Dark Stone activates)
(Smoke flies out, and Zekrom appears, standing in front of Reshiram)
N: Now… The prophecy is complete. The dragons are once again reunited…
(Zekrom slams their foot on the ground, challenging Reshiram with a mighty growl)
(Reshiram’s tail engine ignites, and they fly forward)
(They grab Zekrom in their claws and fly towards the wall)
(Reshiram puts their claws forward and slam Zekrom into the wall, before letting them drop)
(Zekrom lands on the floor with a great thud, and Reshiram charges up)
(Reshiram uses Flamethrower, a beam of fire hitting Zekrom)
(Zekrom gets up, and activates an anti-gravity field)
(The generator ignites, and Zekrom fires back with Fusion Bolt, which hits the top of Reshiram’s head)
(They crash through the wall, an entire section of the castle collapsing)
(Zekrom jumps on top of Reshiram, stomping on their stomach)
(Reshiram throws them off with Blue Flare)
(They fly out of the destroyed castle, flying out above the city)
(Zekrom’s anti-gravity field activates, and Zekrom chases after Reshiram)
N: Well, um… This was unexpected.
(They look back at the player.)
N: Wanna play checkers?
(Zekrom catches up to Reshiram, and the two fly in front of each other)
(Reshiram flies towards Zekrom as fast as they can, being met with a Thunder Punch to the face)
(They fly to the ground, destroying more buildings)
(Zekrom charges up, and bounds towards Reshiram)
(They take Zekrom by the head with its claws, and slam them against the hard roadway)
(Reshiram uses Fusion Flare, but Zekrom dodges out of the way before it explodes)
(Zekrom jumps onto a building, coaxing Reshiram to fly towards it)
(They comply, speeding to Zekrom)
(Zekrom flies up, landing on top of Reshiram and crashing them through the building)
(They fly back up and slam into Reshiram again before using Wild Charge, incinerating the entire block.)
(Zekrom lands in what’s left of the town park, scouting around)
(Reshiram climbs out of the rubble, staring at Zekrom)
(The two start moving in circles, in a martial arts format)
(Zekrom is distracted, and they are hit on the head with several Draco Meteors)
(They collapse, and all of the meteors explode)
(Reshiram moves in, standing over Zekrom)
(Zekrom jolts up, knocking Reshiram back)
(They use Outrage, slamming into Reshiram)
(Reshiram skids back)
(They try and use Flamethrower again, but Zekrom dodges it)
(Zekrom charges forward, Outraging again)
(Reshiram falls on their knees, staring up)
(Their opponent stumbles back, confused due to fatigue)
(Reshiram uses this opportunity and uses Fusion Flare again)
(The sphere lands right on Zekrom, and there’s a huge explosion)
(Zekrom’s breath starts to speed up)
(They stand up, looking at Reshiram straight in the eyes)
(Zekrom’s generator powers up, and they try and use Fusion Bolt)
(They fail, and the bolt strikes Zekrom. It doesn’t hurt much)
(Reshiram flies upward, swooping down and grabbing Zekrom)
(Zekrom grabs Reshiram’s leg and snaps it, slamming them to the ground)
(Reshiram grows in agony, falling down)
(Zekrom tries to make a move, but Reshiram fires more Draco Meteors, which don’t hurt as much this time)
(Zekrom steps back, before using Wild Charge)
(They run forward, running right into Reshiram and toppling them both 50 feet)
(Zekrom is damaged by big amounts of recoil)
(Reshiram kicks Zekrom in the face, throwing them backwards)
(They then blast Zekrom right between the eyes with Flamethrower)
(Zekrom rolls through the terrain, but rises again)
(They light their generator, and charge up electricity)
(They deliver a big Thunder Punch, striking Reshiram)
(Reshiram rolls for a bit, then stands up.)
(They let out a huge roar, before they send out a huge beam of Blue Flare)
(Zekrom is too depleted to dodge it)
(The blast strikes Zekrom, but they manage to stay standing)
(Jumping up, Zekrom glides through the air)
(They land in front of Reshiram and push them back)
(Zekrom Outrages again, but this time Reshiram dodges)
(Reshiram grabs Zekrom by the head and applies pressure)
(They’re close to cracking open Zekrom’s skull, but Zekrom knocks them away in time.)
(Reshiram’s tail glows the brightest flame you will ever see in your life)
(The entire cloud system and atmosphere light up)
(The whole town around them, heck, the whole Country, are incinerated by Reshiram’s flames)
(Panting, Reshiram looks around the ashes around them)
(Zekrom is standing there, an anti-gravity field protecting them)
(The anti-gravity field grows, swallowing the tectonic plates)
(Zekrom grabs Reshiram by the neck as the Earth starts to split apart)
(The Earth splits apart, leaving a giant hole)
(Zekrom holds Reshiram above the hole, and lets go, returning the Gravity at the same time)
(Reshiram falls into the Earth’s core, and is crushed by the tectonic plates moving back together.)
(Zekrom breaths heavy before collapsing to the ground and passing out, the body destroyed)
(The Dark Stone lay there, and Zekrom will return if a hero needs it to)

Tom: I’m no Desmos, but I don’t think that’s scientifically possible…
Mewtwo: While Zekrom and Reshiram are said to have no winner if there were to be a battle, Zekrom is clearly the stronger of the two.
Pain: Let’s get that chart!

HP: Tied
Attack: Zekrom
Defense: Zekrom
Special Attack: Reshiram
Special Defense: Reshiram
Speed: Reshiram
Stamina: N/A
Ability: Tied
Typing: Tied
Movepool: Reshiram
Overall Strength: Zekrom
Final Score: Reshiram-7 Zekrom-6

Eeveechu: Granted, Reshiram seems to edge out when we compare them, but…
Desmos: Allow me! I’m Desmos! Your friendly science Calculator! Now, let’s-
Tom: *With Machine Gun* Don’t think so, bud. I’m the Calculator here.
Splash: Zekrom’s overall strength advantage can cancel out a lot of what Reshiram’s advantages are.
Mewtwo: Mainly, it’s that anti gravity field of his.
Pain: In an anti-gravity status, you can’t light any fires. What is Reshiram’s main feat? Fire.
Eeveechu: Don’t forget that even the smallest jolt of electricity can kill someone if it’s amplified through a generator.
Splash: And a generator is exactly what Zekrom’s tail is.
Mewtwo: So Reshiram just burned out.
Pain: The winner is Zekrom.

Hey everyone, thanks for reading. This will be the final episode of Death Battle. I'm sorry it had to end like this, but I feel like it's the right choice. It takes close to an hour and a half to write these battles. I have school and a life... Frankly I don't have time for a scheduled series like this. My collaborators and I work so hard on these battles... It's just tiring writing them. Frankly, I don't enjoy writing them anymore. I used to, but now I just feel like a machine. Pumping out works because I feel like I have too. I don't want Death Battle to go on if I don't like doing it. I called myself the most popular Pokecharms writer because these battles got likes. When those mainly stopped... I realized that it really didn't make sense to continue them. I feel like this is the right decision for me. I've given @Lord Of Pain the opportunity to take over this series. Whether he chooses to accept or not is his choice. Don't worry, I'm not leaving Charms. I'd like to give one last huge thanks to my collaborators. @Lord Of Pain, @Eeveechu151, and @Splashfur. And thank you all for staying with me over 3 years.
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