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Pokemon Daria's Adventures: Days gone by in the Hospital

by JC111414

JC111414 Daria is sent to the Pillowish Hospital after the Accident with Bruce in route 104.
I woke up in a bed. I saw as Kenta, Hugh and Wade entered the room I was in. "How are you feeling" Hugh said sitting down. I felt my face turn red and answer, "I'm fine". "Wade called us, and told us what happened, hope, you get better, I got to go" Kenta said leaving. "Yeah, I have to go as well" Wade said. "Thanks guys" I said. "No problem" Both Kenta and Wade said. "How are you feeling" Hugh said. "I'm getting better, thanks to you" I said, and blushed a little, I saw Hugh blush a little. "Jeez, didn't know I was that special" He said. A mysterius person came in and greeted me. "So your the famous person that battled not only Team Ice, but also the meanest gang in Yabell, the Yabell Raiders Team themselves!" She said happily. "Yeah, I'm Daria, who are you, and how do you know about this" I asked. "I'm Ines, I'm an ace trainer from the ice parts of Icecold City" She said. "My sister began her jounrye today and she had grown a lot, just wanted to visit the famous trainer everyone talked about here in Pillowish Town" She said. "Oh, please I'm blushing" I said. "I got to go, I hope you meet my sister, she is in Icecold City" Ines said leaving the room.

Days past by and then the doctors let me finally leave the Hospital. Rumors had it that Pillowish Town was being haunted by a Pokémon Tower, used for Experiments. I went inside only to see that Scientist were experiment genetics into living things. "What is this" I asked. "That is SCINCE, stay out of it" A scientist said taking me outside the door. I saw UK walking down the road only to find him come across me. "Hey there UK" I said. "Hello, Daria, a long time no see" He said. "How has your journey through Yabell help your studies or whatever your doing" I asked. "I'm in a mission under cover, no one can know this, ok, only you and my girlfriend" UK said. "Your girlfriend" I asked. "Yeah" He answer. "I have your name somewhere, but can pin it down yet" I said. "You'll get it eventually" UK said leaving. I quickly left for Icecold City.