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Mafia Writings (2011 Reboot): Day 2

by Shiny Pyxis

Shiny Pyxis Shiny is still very melodramatic. Also, lotsa deaths.
“I’m glad you’ve come here.”

“Sorry I’m a little late.”

“It’s okay, I just got here myself.”

“Why did you choose this dimly lit bar? And what’s with all this smoke?”

“A bomb went off earlier; looks like the wind carried the fumes here.”

“Gotcha. So what’s the plan?”

“Nothing much, but I do have an idea about who might be opposed to us. Listen carefully, I don’t want anyone else hearing us…”

Shiny sat upright, the sunlight hitting her right on the face as she got up. What am I doing here at my desk? she wondered as she wandered into her bedroom. Too many things had happened the day before, and six hours of sleep really wasn’t enough to get her going for the day.

Without even noticing what she was doing, Shiny fell into her usual morning routine; she picked out her outfit for the day, took a quick shower, brushed her teeth, groomed herself, and ate her breakfast. As she was just about to go outside, though, she noticed something was taped to her window. Curious, Shiny opened the her front door and, after she had made sure that nobody around her was carrying big fat razors or other deadly weapons to harm her, she went outside and took off the folded sheet of paper that was attached her window. She opened up the note, and read only four words, followed by a signature.

"Goodbye, thanks for everything."

Shiny immediately recognized the handwriting, but the message was so vague and mysterious, she couldn’t quite understand what it meant. The girl thought through all the possible things that could’ve happened, but nothing quite made sense. Shrugging, she walked down the steps and, deciding to just have some fun talking to people before the meeting started, made her way towards the chatroom.

“Hey, Lyn! Did you get the news yet?” Shiny heard someone call out from behind her. Turning around, the girl spotted Data, who riding some sort of strange balloon that looked like a Porygon-Z and carrying something that looked like a teapot.

“’Sup,” Shiny greeted back. “Not yet, I think I accidentally kicked my newspaper into a bush, and forgot to retrieve it.”

Data shrugged, and said, “Well, if you need another one, you could always just ask.”

“Yes, please!"

“Alright, here you go.” Data pat the top of his teapot gently, and a newspaper squeezed itself out from the spout. “Have fun, it looks like the mafia has finally made their first move.”

“Thanks!” As Data dashed away on his Porygon-Z balloon, Shiny leaned against the side of a building to read the newspaper.


Shocked, Shiny let the paper drop from her hands to the ground, not even caring that the wind was making the pages fly away from her. No, it couldn’t be… even though she had seen it coming, it was just far too soon for it to have happened already.

It had only been the first day, and now four people were dead. Three were people Shiny considered to be close friends of hers. Why? Why did so many have to go on the first day? Carefully picking up the article again, Shiny quickly read through the wall of text. Sem and Katie were partnered up, apparently, and had died together. She couldn’t understand how both Brendan and Luckii had died of the same cause. Nothing made sense. And there was no information about the dead people; nothing about whether they were mafia or innocent or what.

Then, she heard the city bell ring, and knew she had only an hour left until the meeting. Straightening her blouse, Shiny quickly made her way to the meeting place, not wanting to be late like she was yesterday.


How had it changed so quickly? People were so willing to keep an eye out on Blazi, but halfway through the meeting, Dark Soul was accused. Shiny sighed, looking back at her notes in her journal. It was all so… sad. People were so willing to accuse others, and so willing to call for blood. She was beginning to have second thoughts about signing up to join the mafia lynching committee. Was it possible that she, too, would become like the others in the meeting, wanting nothing but blood?