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Raven: Darkness rising (Story 2) COMPLETE

by NightRaven

NightRaven Ah, yes! The second story of the series! I hope you enjoy! Make sure to read the first story before this one, or you won't understand it. (As if it wasn't obvious xD)
Link: http://pokecharms.com/works/raven-the-hidden-darkness-complete.12514/

"Beware of a cat that has a heart as black as night..."

Raven soon learns of who to avoid; Bramblestorm. She had convinced Stonestar to send him into exile, but that doesn't end him just yet. Bramblestorm is ready to fight for his survival...and wait for one leader to make one mistake...

Raven has the fate of forest in her paws....
Raven sat near the forest, watching out for Bramblestorm. She had convinced Stonestar into sending Bramblestorm into exile. StarClan....help me for i must find Bramblestorm and end him... Raven thought. Midnight sat beside Raven. "I'm glad we got rid of Bramblestorm! If we didnt, ThunderClan would be in jeopardy!" she mewed.
Raven nodded. "if we hadn't warned ThunderClan in time....he would have slaughtered the deputy in a battle....as well as slaughter the leader when he was on his final life..." she mewed silently. Midnight looked at Raven. "Bramblestorm would take over the forest if he was able to lead ThunderClan...." she mewed. Raven shuddered at the thought.
They saw a ThunderClan patrol walk over to the border. They recognized Cloudrunner, Shadowmoon, Frostblaze, Cinderpaw and Thistlewing. "Any sign of Bramblestorm?" Frostblaze asked. Raven shook her head. Cloudrunner stared at Raven for a moment.
Raven looked at Cloudrunner and looked away instantly. Thistlewing looked at Raven and soon the patrol left. Midnight curled up into a ball of black and blue fur and fell asleep by the time night had fallen upon them. Multiple border and hunting patrols had come and asked if they saw Bramblestorm anywhere. Raven soon curled up and fell asleep.
Raven woke up and looked around, thinking she heard Bramblestorm. She would never forget his words of which were shrouded in darkness and ambition. I will rule ThunderClan, then RiverClan, then WindClan, then ShadowClan then the entire forest! she heard his words echo in her mind. She shuddered and stood up.
Midnight woke up once it was morning. She looked around nervously as she hadn't seen Raven. "Raven? You there?" she mewed nervously. Raven had gone missing. M-maybe to go hunting..... Midnight told herself, but she wouldn't ever believe it.
Raven had walked into the ThunderClan camp, and she sensed it was the night of the Gathering. She had to be there to remind StoneStar to warn the other Clans. Not like he'd ever forget Bramblestorm's words of betrayal... Raven thought to herself. She was right. How could any cat forget such ominous words?
Raven then remembered that Stonestar could forget.....alot. She looked around nervously as cats stared at her, some glared at her, their eyes blazing, while others looked at her, their eyes betraying how grateful they were. Raven sat in the camp staring at the ground. She sat there all day, until finally, Stonestar announced the warriors who will go to the gathering. Once they left, she followed far behind, following their scent trail.
Once the leaders were speaking, Stonestar had forgotten to tell the other clan leaders! Raven flew up to him and reminded him. Stonestar nodded and told the other leaders: Silverstar, a silver tom that leads RiverClan; Nightstar, a black she-cat who leads ShadowClan; and Froststar, a white she cat with blue eyes that leads WindClan. The cats looked at Raven, their eyes full of wonder and confusion as to how Raven had wings. Raven's ears twitched and the gathering soon ended.
As Raven was following ThunderClan back to camp, she felt someones tail curl around hers and her fur began to rise. She saw Cloudrunner. "Hello, little Raven~" he purred. Raven looked away instantly, her ears hot with embarassment. "What's wrong? Did I surprise you~?" he mewed.
Raven unfolded her wings and flew towards Midnight who sat worried near the edge of ThunderClan territory. As soon as Midnight saw Raven, her ears perked up and her eyes brightened. "Raven! Where were you?" she tilted her head. Raven sighed. "I was at the Gathering..." she didn't want to say anything about the embarassing encounter with Cloudrunner, for she thought something was bound to go wrong.
Midnight seemed to know Raven was hiding something. "What is it you aren't telling me?" she sighed. Raven looked away. "You know you cannot lie to my face, Raven; I know you too well." Midnight mewed. Raven sighed.
She had to tell her now. "I, uh, m-met someone as I went back..." she whispered. Midnight looked at Raven, smiling. "Whhooooooo?" she mewed. "C-cloudrunner....." she whispered.
"What was that?" she mewed. "Cloudrunner." Raven shouted and moved her tail over her face. "He likes you!" Midnight teased playfully. Raven hissed. "N-no he doesn't!" Raven mewed frantically.
Raven sat near a tree but she heard something nearby. Her fur bristled in alarm as she saw Bramblestorm and a band of massive, powerful cats...and he was heading towards ThunderClan. Raven followed him silently for a moment and rushed back to camp so she could warn the Clan...but they started running faster....and reached the camp. They've gotten there before her! "You know what to do..." Bramblestorm growled to the others who nodded.
Bramblestorm rushed into the camp, fur bristling in fear. He let out a loud warning yowl and many cats ran out of the dens, claws unsheathed and eyes burning and glaring. Stonestar stepped out of his den and looked down at Bramblestorm. "Why are you here? What are you doing?" he growled. Bramblestorm seemed terrified when he clearly wasnt, and he mewed "R-rogues...big powerful rogues are coming to the camp!" and he made his voice shake in terror.
Suddenly the band of cats charged into the camp. Stonestar pinned his ears back and yowled into the air, all the warriors and apprentices charging at the rogues. Bramblestorm swiped a paw at a rogue...but Raven noticed something the others seemed not to; his claws were fully sheathed and the rogue was smiling! Raven hissed in disbelief. But she then remembered that Bramblestorm was planning to take ThunderClan in his own paws.
Raven charged at one of the rogues, her blue eyes turning pitch black and a blood red light trailing behind her eyes. She screeched in fury and swiped at a rogue. The rogue had no time to dodge and so he took the hit and charged at Raven, pinning her against a tree and clawing at her face. Raven unfolded her wings, of which surprised the rogue, and raked her claws across his face and became a wolf, biting down hard on his neck and leaving him running away. She pinned her ears back as she saw Bramblestorm push past the other cats and go into the leaders den, where Stonestar was preparing himself to launch at an enemy of which would go to the leaders den.
Raven ran to the leaders den and sat just outside it. She listened carefully to what was going on. "You're mine now, Stonestar...in your own den. Before you know it, those rogues will have slaughtered most of the clan and made the rest become my followers so i can rule the clan without you in the way!" Raven heard him snarl. Stonestar glared at Bramblestorm. "Something is seriously wrong with you! What do you think you're doing trying to slaughter your leader? Im surprised my patrols haven't caught you...but someone might have" she heard Stonestar growl.
He must've been referring to Raven. Bramblestorm unsheathed is claws. "you mean the annoying, worthless kittypet Raven? You are so desperate you get an enemy to help you? A kittypet? One who rejects the life of a warrior? You are a sad, sad leader, Stonestar. Im sure ThunderClan will soon realize how great it is to get rid of a weak leader and know how great it is to have a powerful replacement!" she heard Brambleclaw snarl. Stonestar shook his head. "Nonsense! Raven isn't a kittypet, nor a rogue nor a Warrior but also not really much of a loner. She is one who has the strength and instincts of a warrior and has the life of a rogue or loner. She is one who many rarely encounter. She used to be Nightstar of ShadowClan! She left because she thought her friendship and heart lie elsewhere! Just because a cat is not in a Clan doesnt mean they are weak! Raven knows best, and thats why when i die one day far after this, I will make Raven the leader of this Clan! She may have never been a warrior in this clan, nor apprentice, kit or Deputy, but she can skip all of that because for her watching out for a killer like you, that was only enough to make her take my place! She was also leader of another clan for a few moons! She deserves the role of a leader more that you do, Bramblestorm! And thats why she shall be leader of my Clan when i-" she pinned her ears back when Stonestar was suddenly cut off to a blood-curdling choking sound.
She looked into the den and gasped in horror as she saw Bramblestorm had slit Stonestars throat. Raven snarled and charged at Bramblestorm in the den and stayed in her wolf form. She bit his neck as hard as she could and tossed him out of the den, leaving him bleeding in the center of the clearing. She launched out of the den and pinned Bramblestorm to the ground, biting his face hard and tossing him away. She pinned her ears back as she realized ThunderClan was losing the battle.
She saw Midnight has realized what was going on and joined the battle, slashing the throats of her enemies and tearing them apart. A rogue was on its way towards Raven and Raven glared at it with so much fury, the enemy backed away and turned around to flee but Raven tackled the rogue and bit its neck so hard she thought she could feel its neck crack slightly. She felt something pin her to the ground and she saw that it was Bramblestorm. Blood was leaking from his throat and he had many scars that still bled, but aside from that, he seemed fine. Bramblestorm snarled at Raven and clawed at her back, causing her to screech in pain.
"ThunderClan will be mine, Raven! There's nothing you can do....and its all over anyways!" he growled. Raven snarled and kicked Bramblestorm away from her and she charged at him, full speed. Bramblestorm knew he had next to no time to react, so he immediately rolled away from Raven and got up, growling. Raven whipped around and tackled Bramblestorm, pinning him to the ground and biting his ear. Bramblestorm managed to get up and tried to stop Raven, who held onto his ear, and he clawed at her, but she didnt let go...and soon she was flung into the air, a wave of blood flying through the sky as she had finally noticed she tore Bramblestorms ear off and she saw Bramblestorm stand there, shuddering and unblinking, blood dripping onto the ground and covering most of his face...
His pupils grew slim and he glared at Raven, his eyes blazing with rage. "Kittypets like you....shouldn't be allowed in the forest....kittypets like you are making the Clans weaker! There has to be someone to get rid of you sad mistakes!" he snarled in rage. Raven growled and charged at Bramblestorm. For once, Bramblestorm was scared and ran away from Raven. "I'll be back.....and be different..." he hissed as he ran out of the camp.
Raven sighed and walked over to Stonestars body nervously. She stared down at his limp bloody body and nudged it gently with her muzzle, trying to get him to move, but he didn't do anything. Raven pinned her ears back as Stonestar didn't move for quite some time. Soon, he got up slowly, looking around confused. "W-where's Bramblestorm?! We must find him and end his life before he makes his way to becoming t-the leader of a Clan!" Stonestar growled.
"Sadly, Bramblestorm got away. If I could've, I would've attacked him again and ripped his throat out..." Raven hissed slightly. Stonestar sighed. "Oh well, one day we will get Bramblestorm....one day...." He mewed silently before returning to his den. Raven's ears twitched as she left camp, staying silent the entire time. "I'll search all of the Clan's territories for Bramblestorm....All of their territories...." She growled just before leaving the camp.
She followed his scent trail of which led to ShadowClan territory. She knew exactly what was going to happen; He would attack ShadowClan, kill the deputy and leader if he can and attack again and again until he becomes the leader, or he could try to join ShadowClan and either wait for the leader to fall, or assassinate the leader during a battle. She went into ShadowClan's territory, hoping not to be found. She got close enough to the camp to hear Bramblestorm plead ShadowClan's leader to join them. She shuddered as she heard the leader hiss "Fine" and go silent.
Bramblestorm smiled and walked out of the camp, acting casual as if he didn't just attack a Clan without warning and lost. Raven growled silently as she watched Bramblestorm walk away, his head and tail high in the air as well as a smile of confidence plastered onto his face. Raven unsheathed her claws in frustration as everything just got much harder than before. I can't wait to rip that smile off his face and tear his throat out! Raven though in anger. He'll wish he never attacked anyone.....he never existed......Ugh....that...thing......all he cares about is power...great StarClan what is wrong with cats like that?! she thought in anger.
She silently followed Bramblestorm. She stopped following him when he left ShadowClan territory and roamed ThunderClan territory. She rushed to ShadowClan's camp and she went into the leaders den without asking and without being spotted. Nightstar stared up at Raven and soon recognized her. "You're that cat at the gathering with the wings, aren't you? You also lead ShadowClan once didn't you?" Nightstar mewed in surprise.
Raven nodded. "I heard you allow Bramblestorm join your clan...you've made a big mistake...." Raven mewed ominously. "What do you mean? What did I do wrong?" Nightstar asked. "Bramblestorm was exiled from ThunderClan because a few weeks ago, I heard him say that he wanted to rule the whole forest...And so I told StoneStar..don't you remember being warned at the gathering? And just a moment ago, he attacked ThunderClan with a band of rogues..." Raven mewed. Nightstar shuddered as she remembered being warned.
"He isn't safe...I can sense it...he'll try to become leader...-" Raven was cut off by Nightstar mewing. "All cats want to become leader. Don't you know that or have you forgotten already about Clan life? How is it wrong for him to want to become leader?" Nightstar hissed. "Because he'll do it by force! He'll attempt to kill the deputy and take their place and kill you to take your place! Don't you see that?!" Raven hissed in frustration. Nightstar growled. "Leave my den...give me time to think about this situation..." she growled.
Raven left the den and soon the camp. She stared at the ground silently and walked into ThunderClan territory. She sat near a tree and stared at the ground. She had an urge to find Bramblestorm and end his life, but she knew that she didn't have any right to do so. She sighed and thought about how everything would happen in the future so she can warn everyone ahead of time.
It had been a few moons and it was now the next gathering. She told everyone about Bramblestorm yet again. All Clans will now watch out for him and kill him when they see him. Raven sat alone outside of the territories. She soon got up as it began to pour down in rain.
She sat under a tree and sighed. When will Bramblestorm end? she thought nervously. She stared at the ground. She decided to lay down and she soon fell asleep. She woke up in the morning and did the usual; hunt, watch out for Bramblestorm etc.
Many, many moons have passed...and Bramblestorm, now Bramblestar, is leader of ShadowClan. He killed the ShadowClan leader and became leader himself. Now, all the Clans lived in fear. They never knew when Bramblestar would strike...and how. Raven now found herself pacing outside of the territories and she always seemed very stressed and nervous.
It was raining very hard as Raven walked towards a cliff and stared over the edge of it. She heard something nearby and she looked around nervously. A massive tabby with bright amber eyes appeared. Raven pinned her ears back. "Bramblestar!" Raven snarled.
Bramblestar smiled. "Why,you remembered my name!" He growled. He unsheathed his claws. "I hope you are ready to see the end of your time!" he yowled. Raven unsheathed her claws. The battle had begun!
(A good theme to listen to would be Eclipse from Okamiden or The Sun Rises from Okami! Everything is about to end and [probably] get epic! And Raven doesnt have her magic or wings at this point and from now on, she wont!)
Bramblestar charged at Raven, ramming into her. Raven scratched his face, and watched as blood spattered the ground. Bramblestar pinned Raven to the ground and bit her neck very, very hard. Raven threw him off and jumped up. She slashed his throat open, but he ignored the pain. Bramblestar attempted to slam his claws into her head, but he missed.
Raven yowled with fury and charged at Bramblestar, but he swatted her away like a fly. Raven soon stood up, shivering. Bramblestar pinned Raven to the ground. Raven got away and backed away. Bramblestar got her hanging onto the edge of the cliff; she stared up at Bramblestorm who dug his claws into Raven's paws and soon forced her to let go and Raven fell to the ground, her eyes wide in terror and she hit the ground hard and she could barely see anything...

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