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Chizu the Wendishrat

by Buttercheese

inner-monster-final9.png inner_monster-sprite2.png inner-monster-final8.png inner_monster2.png pokedex2.png
Buttercheese I designed myself my own personal "inner monster" though I guess this is what you'd call a fursona :V
Her name's Chizu and she's a Wendishrat. I specifically designed her to double as a fakemon.

Right, so despite the name I didn't actually design her to resemble a wendigo, she is suppossed to be a Waldschrat, a forest spirit from German and Austrian folklore. I just picked the name because it seemed fitting.

Please don't use/ repost/ alter/ etc. any of these anwhere or in any form without my explicit permission, this is my personal design and character and I'd like for it to stay it that way, thanks.


The sprite was bothering me, so I gave it some tweaks :V
  1. Localised
    this is so cool!
    it reminds me of cubone
    Dec 5, 2016