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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions: Chapter,Green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!N LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

by Sylvious

Sylvious Awesome! Green!!!!! You Never Seen Green Since Chapter 1. Now Ace AND Jason Will Battle Him Once And For All!!!! Well. I think I need to go to sleep tonight. But tomorrow get ready for the final chapters. I will be making the chapters super fast well we finish this finally!
Ace goes back to Viridian City with Jason. Which Jason Has never seen Viridian City. They go.. And fight.... GREEN! Green: Hey Loser Ace! We are the CHAMPIONS! Now. Prepare to lose! Go Exeggutor And Arcanine!" Ace And Jason: Go Charizard! MEGA EVOLUTION! Fire Spin! Go Blastoise! MEGA EVOLUTION! Use Hydro Cannon!" Green: Come Back Exeggutor And Arcanine! Go Rhydon And Gyarados!" Jason: Let Me Handle This, HYDRO PUMP! GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT! THIS IS THE FREAKIN LAST GYM!" Green: Come back Rhydon And Gyarados! Go Machamp And Pidgeot!" Jason: Lets Finish Him Off Ace." Ace And Jason: Mega Charizard! Use Fire Spin! Mega Blastoise!!!!!!!! Use Hydro Cannon!!!!!!!!!" Green: Come Back Machamp and Pidgeot.... You Told Me How Good A Trainer Is... I Thought I Was The Very Best.... Heres the Earth Badge.. Smell Ya Later!" Jason: Yes!! We Got The Earth Badge! Lets Go To Victory Road Together. But Wait.... Lets have a final battle.. Maybe not final.. But I think it is... Lets Do This! I've trained my pokemon over and over again. Im always with you. We are the same worth. And lets see who was better the whole time....." What could happen?! Jason is the strongest trainer we have seen so far. Could Ace lose? Or overcome one of the best trainers in the world? Lets see!
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  1. Sylve Kipper
    Sylve Kipper
    Awesome :)
    Jul 26, 2015
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  2. Sylvious
    Jul 26, 2015
  3. Sylvious
    Green.. Memories since Chapter 1..
    Jul 26, 2015