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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions 2 The Johto World!: Chapter 4, Sprout Tower!

by Sylvious

Ace goes through lots of easy trainers because his Typhlosion is a fire type. Beating every Bellsprout in the world. After. Ace finds Silver beating a old guy. And escaping using a escape rope. Then, Jason comes. Jason: Oh! Hey Ace! I wanted some exp. So i went to Sprout Tower. Even though. The gym leader is gone. Lets fight this final trainer again!" Elder: Go Bellsprout! Use Vine Whip!" Ace: No. You go after me. I don't need your help. Sorry. Go Typhlosion! Use Ember!" Elder: Come back Bellsprout, Go Bellsprout! Use Vine Whip Again!" Ace: Ha! Ember!" Elder: Come Back Bellsprout! Go Hoothoot! Peck!" Ace: Okay Charizard... Ugh. Its Typhlosion... Ok Typhlosion! Use Ember To Finish it off!" Elder: Come Back Hoothoot! Wow. But you only battle. And you make you pokemon faint. Your a bad pokemon trainer. *Well, that is what you call what a person says when they hate pokemon and their child is playing it. THERE YOU FREAKING GO.* Ace: Don't call me that. I love all my pokemon." Ace stares at the Elder and walks out of the tower. And is ready to face the Violet City gym.
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