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Blake Star: Sinnoh Quest: Chapter 3: Hidden Abilities of the Heart

by MegaloX

MegaloX Maya comes to save her younger brother. Torchic hatches and is a bit special
Out of nowhere you heard a shout in the distance. "Lopunny! Use Double Slap!" the female voice shouted. In a flash a brown rabbit Pokemon appeared using one of it's ears to bat away the Mach Punch before using the second to smack it in the head. Hitmonchan took the hit and went flying back towards Garret. "What the!? Who did that!?" he asked a bit angrily. "So I see you like to pick on young trainers huh Garret?" the female said. Garret grunted and Hitmonchan got to it's feet. Jake then stepped in and released a Murkrow from it's Pokeball. Blake was still in shock but was smiling because he was saved by his sister. "Maya you came back!" he shouted. Everyone else looked confused. "So you know this squirt Maya?" Jake asked. "Yeah I do Jake, as a matter of fact, he's my little brother." she said sternly.

All of a sudden, Blake's egg cracked. The boy didn't feel it just yet, but his Pokemon was beginning to hatch. "Lopunny! High Jump Kick!" Maya commanded. Her Pokemon quickly obeyed and aimed the powerful kick right at Hitmonchan. The boxer Pokemon quickly dodged it letting Lopunny crash into the ground. The rabbit barely stood to it's feet and Maya began to worry, "Damn it, that usually hits." she said to herself.

Garret and Jake began laughing, "Now we got you." Garret said. "Murkrow use Aerial Ace!" Jake shouted. The crow wound up before flying head-first right towards Lopunny. "Not so fast! Chimchar use scratch!" Cody shouted. The monkey sprang to it's feet and scratched Murkrow to deter it from it's path. The crow hit the grass and tumbled before stumbling to it's feet. Jake grunted, "Murkrow get in the air and use Air Slash!" he shouted. The crow Pokemon obeyed as it flew into the air and thrust both it's wings forward, releasing two slashes of air right at Chimchar. Cody stood there not knowing what to do since he'd never battled before.

Maya noticed and decided to give the boy some advise. "Hey kid, you have to trust your Pokemon. Don't ever freeze up in a Pokemon battle or your Pokemon will do this same." she said. "Lopunny use Double Slap and don't stop!" she commanded as her Pokemon jumped at the Hitmonchan and began to strike at it with it's ears. Garret grunted, "As if! Hitmonchan use Mach punch and don't you stop either!" he shouted at his Pokemon. The Pokemon charged at Lopunny and the two began to trade blows; Double Slap vs Mach Punch.

"Chimchar dodge it!" he yelled, taking Maya's advise. The monkey Pokemon quickly hopped into a tree, evading the strikes. "Now use scratch!" Cody said next as his Pokemon jumped from the tree branch and attacked the Murkrow with it's claws. The crow Pokemon raised it's wing to block the scratch attack. It then threw it's wing outward, repelling the Chimchar who landed back on the forest floor.

Blake could see all the fighting going on around him but couldn't do a thing about it. "I hate being useless right now. My sister and best friend are fighting those jerks and I want to help them but I can't." he said in frustration. He twirled the egg around and noticed a crack. "Hello Pokemon. If you're in there can you please come out? We really need you." he said before hugging the egg tightly. Shortly after, the egg sparked and began to radiate a golden light. Maya and Cody looked back as well as Chimchar and Murkrow and even Garret and Jake. They all took a look at this special phenomenon as the egg began to hatch. The golden light began to dim itself as the egg was encased in a blazing fire. "What's happening to it Maya?!" Blake called out, worried for his Pokemon. Maya watched in pure amazement, "I-I'm not sure but don't worry everything is gonna be fine." she reassured her younger brother.

Garret took this distraction as an opportunity to take down Lopunny. "Hitmonchan use Low Sweep then follow up with Mach Punch!" he commanded. The Hitmonchan ducked down under one of Lopunny's strikes and swept it's legs out from under it. He then popped back up and aimed the punch right at the rabbit Pokemon. Then all of a sudden Hitmonchan was struck with what looked like some kind of fireball. It carried the boxer Pokemon, driving at his gut, all the way to a tree before letting him slam into it. There was an explosion of smoke and everyone covered their eyes. Out from the smoke emerged a tiny chicken.

"Is that my Pokemon?" Blake asked is awe of it's display of power. Maya smirked, "So dad gave him that Pokemon huh?" she said. "That was awesome!" Cody shouted. "What the heck was that?" Garret asked, completely baffled. Jake was in shock as well and had second thoughts about continuing the battle. "Don't you dare back out Jake." Garret said forcefully. "If Hitmonchan is still good then we keep going." he said. "Go use Mach Punch!" Garret shouted at his Pokemon. Hitmonchan shot through the smoke with a punch aimed right at Lopunny.

"Lopunny! Catch the punch with your ears then use High Jump Kick!" Maya shouted. Just like instructed, Lopunny clamped down on Hitmonchan's fist with it's ears. It then did a front flip and slammed it's foot down on Hitmonchan's head.

Blake ran over to Torchic. "Hey buddy I'm gonna be your trainer from now on." he said with a smile. "Do you want to help us?" he asked nicely. The tiny chicken Pokemon began hopping up and down. "Tor...Torchic!" it said excitedly. The new Pokemon-Trainer duo approached Cody and his Chimchar. "Torchic use Tackle!" Blake yelled. "Chimchar use Scratch!" Cody commanded. The two fire Pokemon ran next to each other and looked up at Murkrow. They then looked at one another and nodded. Jake grunted and trust his hand forward, "Murkrow use Dark Pulse!" he shouted. The crow tilted it's head back and prepared a powerful dark attack aimed right at the little Pokemon coming right at him. It fired off the attack but Torchic and Chimchar were ready. They dove to the side and fire began to bubble up in their mouths. Simultaneously, they released the flames in the form of many tiny pellets aimed right at Murkrow who wasn't in any position to dodge.

The dark bird took the hit and screeched. "So both of your Pokemon just learned Ember. Congrats you two, you're both becoming very strong trainers." Maya said proudly. Blake and Cody looked at each other as the Murkrow was preparing another Dark Pulse attack. He fired the attack this time aiming only at Chimchar. Cody froze again and Torchic wasn't close enough to help out. "Torchic we have to help them, and quick!" Blake shouted.

Almost as if on cue, a fiery aura surrounded the tiny chicken Pokemon. It quickly dashed next to Chimchar and shoved it out of the way then performed another quick dash to remove itself form the line of fire. "Ember Go!" Both Cody and Blake shouted as their Pokemon unleashed another round of fire pellets onto the Murkrow.

With both Hitmonchan and Murkrow knocked out, Garret and Jake returned their Pokemon and began to retreat. "You haven't see the last of us!" Garret said, following Jake into the forest.

Maya returned her Lopunny and Cody returned his Chimchar. Maya reached into her bag and got out a Pokeball. "Here Blake use this." she said, tossing it to her brother. The boy caught the ball and knelt down to his new Pokemon. "Do you want to come on an adventure with me Torchic?" he asked. The tiny chicken Pokemon nodded quickly and Blake smiled. He tapped the Pokemon on the head with the ball as it turned red and beamed inside the ball. With a few shakes of the Pokeball, Torchic was successfully caught. Blake picked up the Pokeball and carried it all the way back to town.

Once they arrived, Blake's parents were so relieved to see him. "Oh thank god you're okay." his mother said. "Yeah son you can't just go running off like that." his father said. Maya approached her family, "Don't worry about it. Him and his friend got into a bit of trouble but I bailed them out so everything is okay now." she said. Blake's eyes lit up, "Oh and check this out guys!" he said happily. "Come on out Torchic!" Blake shouted, tossing his Pokeball into the air. With a flash of white light, Torchic appeared and landed in front of everyone.

After the day's events played out, the trainers visited a Pokemon center to heal their partners. Next, they went home and decided to call it a night. Blake couldn't sleep knowing that his adventure was so close to beginning.
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