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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions: Chapter 22, RED AND GREEN!!!!! The End.. Goodbye Forever Jason....

by Sylvious

Sylvious 4 pokemon Red And Green Uses at the same time? Thats impossible in a pokemon game!!!
Ace And Jason go through Victory Road. Fighting lots of hard trainers. Going inside the Indigo Plateau... Finding... RED AND GREEN?! Red: ......!!!" Green: You got through Victory Road in one piece? Okay! But its the end of your journey now! Prepare to lose!" Red: Go Pikachu And Lapras! Use Iron Tail And Ice Beam!" Green: Go Aerodactyl And Exeggutor! Use Earthquake And Leaf Storm!" Ace And Jason: Go Snorlax! Use Hyper Beam! Go Mewtwo! Use Psychic!" Red And Green: Come Back Pikachu and Lapras! Go Snorlax And Venusaur! Use Body Slam And Leaf Storm! Come Back Aerodactyl And Exeggutor! Go Gyarados And Alakazam! Use Waterfall And Shadow Ball!" Ace And Jason: Snorlax? Are you okay? Just survive for this battle. This battle is what we were waiting for our whole lives! Snorlax! Use Hyper Beam! Mewtwo! Use Psychic!" Red And Green: Come Back Snorlax And Venusaur! Go Charizard And Blastoise! Dragon Pulse And Hydro Pump! Come Back Gyarados And Alakazam! Go Arcanine And Machamp! Use Close Combat And Superpower!" Ace And Jason: Ugh... Come back Snorlax! Go Scyther! Use Fury Cutter to Finish The Arcanine off! Mewtwo! Psychic!" Red: .......!!!" Green: Really?! Okay. You became the new champion. Whatever. Loser. Smell Ya Later!" Red And Green Disappear. Never seen again. And Giovanni Comes! Giovanni: WOW! You are the new champions! Really. I am the strongest. But if you have a Mewtwo. I cant beat you! Your the new champions! Trainers! Or i Should say.. Champion Ace And Jason. Well. You can see me again whenever you want to in the Indigo Plateau. So. Bye!" Jason: Good Job Ace! Well..... I think i will never see you again. it was fun meeting you. But I Really live in Johto! Cool right? Lets go to Johto! Instead of me never seeing you again. Wait gotta say bye to my mom!" A hour later. Jason: Okay. Lets fly to New Bark Town with your Charizard! Thats where I live! my mother was here because she wanted to become a Kanto gym leader.. So lets go to Johto!" Ace and Jason Will go to Johto... In the next Series!!! Bye-bye!
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  1. Kimaka
    Amazing story. :D
    Jul 28, 2015
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