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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions: Chapter 18, Ace VS Jason In Silph Co!!!

by Sylvious

Jason: Go Machamp!" Ace: Go Snorlax! Use Body Slam!" Jason: Machamp! Karate Chop!" Ace: Snorlax! Body Slam Again!" Jason: Come back Machamp! Go Lapras! Aqua Tail!" Ace: Snorlax! Use Body Slam!" Jason: Lapras Come Back! Go Dragonair! Use Slam!" Ace: Snorlax! Use Slam!!!!" Jason: Slam!" Ace: Snorlax! SLAM ONE MORE TIME!" Jason: Dragonair Come Back! Go Golduck! Use Confusion!" Ace: Snorlax! Use Body Slam!" Jason: Come back Golduck! Go Alakazam! Use Psychic!" Ace: Snorlax!!! Body Slam!" Jason: Psychic!" Ace: Body Slam!" Jason: Come Back Alakazam! Go Blastoise! MEGA EVOLUTION! Mega Blastoise! Use Skull Bash!" Ace: Snorlax Nooo! BODY SLAM ONE MORE TIME THEN YOU CAN REST!" Jason: Come Back Mega Blastoise. Man your super good. Heres A Lapras." Ace Replaces The Lapras With The Dugtrio. Jason: Bye!" Next time. Ace will finally battle.. Sabrina!!!!
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  1. Sylvious
    Wait did Snorlax sweep his entire team?
    Jul 19, 2018