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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions 2 The Johto World!: Chapter 11, Burned Tower, Raikou, Entei, And Suicune!

by Sylvious

Ace goes through Route 35 and National Park. And gets in Route 36. Ace: Go Quagsire! Use Water Gun!" And the Sudowoodo that was in the way. There was nothing in Route 37, so Ace got to Ecruteak City. Ace heard of Burned Tower. Tempted to go inside. So Ace went inside and finds Jason fighting Silver. Jason: Growlithe! Flame Wheel!" Silver: Come back Meganium..." Jason: Hey Ace! I just beat Silver! Do you wanna try? Or do you want to battle me?" Ace: Your more tough. So i will battle you. Go Quagsire! Use Water Gun!" Jason: Go Growlithe! Use Flame Wheel!" Jason: Come back Growlithe... Lets not battle. I don't like to watch myself getting beaten a lot." Ace: ......" Ace fights many trainers. And eventually finds Raikou, Entei, And Suicune. BUT THEY ALL RUN AWAY DUN DUN DUN... So Ace gives up on catching them and goes out of the Burned Tower. Ready to fight Morty.
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