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How did I end up in Hoenn?: Chapter 10.

by AzureEdge

AzureEdge This is chapter 10 of How did I end up in the Hoenn region series. Before reading this I suggest you read chapters 1-9 first to avoid confusion. Enjoy~!
Chapter 10~ Wally and his magical Ralts~

The man noticed the swoosh of feet heading towards him."Ah, Azure can you help me for a moment?"

I sighed. I was already tired from walking all day, just trying to find a freaking Ralts, and now I have to go back, to help this kid find what I've been searching for hours?

"Please Azure?" The Zigzagzoon Norman gave him yanked at his neck, and he started coughing.

"Fine, fine, I'll help you." I took out Trik, and we walked out of the gym.

Wally put up a fake smile, when we were about half way there."So, Azure, how do you like Littleroot town?"

I put it bluntly."To be honest, It sucks."

He jolted, probably in shock, but he was used to stuff like that."Really? I hope the place I'm moving to is better than that."

I shrugged my shoulders."You'd probably never see us again."

We were finally at the edge of the grass of the route, and headed in. He looked confused."What do you mean?"

A white figure, slowly appeared in front of us."Nevermin-IT'S A SHINY RALTS!!!"

Wally looked around, and was blind as a bat."What where?"

I immediately replied "Right in front of you, you doofus." If this kid didn't see it, I would have caught it already.

"Really? Oh, wow! Let's go Zigzagzoon!" The Zigzagzoon, which was apparently on his neck, didn't want to move. I smacked the Zigzagzoon and said "Get that Ralts, or otherwise, your Wally's starter."

The Zigzagzoon ran for his or her life and tackled the little light blue Ralts. The Ralts uttered a scream, and then quickly growled.

Wally coughed, and then said with the softest voice I've ever heard ever ,"Go Poke ball!" He threw it as best as he could, and it looked like it was not going to reach ralts. But apparently it did reach the ralts, and the ball was shaking. And it slowly shook three times.

I screamed."Damn!"

While Wally on the other hand was celebrating. "Yay! Azure, look, I caught it~!"

And then the last thing I thought would happen, happened. Wally took out his shiny ralts, but it wasn't shiny.


Wally smiled."See Azure, it's a ralts~!"

I grabbed him by the throat and lifted the sickly kid up a bit."What the hell did you do to it?"

He shook his head, as best as he could. "I didn't do anything!"

I let him go. It was probably a hack or cheat of some sort. We quickly headed back to Petalburg city when Wally said he had to go, like now.

Wally started yelling at the top of his lungs."Bye Azure~ Bye Norman~!"

"Do you really have to go?"

"Azure, Wally's family's looking for him everywhere. It's a miracle that they haven't checked here yet."

"Alright then, Wally let's shake hands on meeting again."

Wally started coughing. He nodded and shook hands with me and then slowly walked out.

"Weren't you going to ask a question?"

I yawned."I forgot about it."

Norman sighed and rouged through Azure's hair. "I see you got a Pokemon. May I see it?"

I smiled and put his hand away from my hair."Sure, check out my entire party~!" I threw Ralts, Poochy and Trik out of their Poke balls.

Norman squat down, to get on their level and gave them each an Oran berry. He then handed me a packet of Oran berries. "You'll be needing these."


"No problem, isn't that what dads are for?"

I silently nodded.

"Anyway, kiddo go on ahead to Rustboro city. I'll be cheering on from here! And when you get your first 4 badges, come see me."

I started walking out of the gym and gave a wave to Norman. "Let's go get that first gym badge~!"
  1. Adrian2AMBoss
    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?????? (sounds like a tentacle man who always says whaaaaaaaat)
    Oct 11, 2014
  2. AzureEdge
    As I said before, waaaaiiiitttt.
    Patience is key.
    And Azures haven't even got to the first gym badge yet.
    Oct 11, 2014
  3. Adrian2AMBoss
    Oct 11, 2014
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