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Wintry: Ch 3: Fun Friday!

by Hecotoro

Hecotoro Part of a written work series in collaboration with other fellow writers.

Will focus on more of G's daily life, her hobbies, friends and some other stuff.
September 3rd, 2021.

Wake up in the mornin feelin like P. Diddy, grab my glasses I'm out the door, I'm gonna hit this city...'
G's favorite Kesha song sounded as her phone vibrated, letting her know it was 9 am and she needed to get up. She reached out and turned of the loud music, rolling on her bed a few times before looking up at the white ceiling above her. She felt good. It was one of those days where she was free, no streams, no school, no dates, she could do whatever she wanted and she knew exactly what she wanted. A sly smile appeared on her face as she grabbed her phone and started sending messages. Right after she took to her morning exercises, which she skipped out on a few times. Her second room had her work out equipment, along with a bigger bed and a window looking out to the city. She worked out until she couldn't no more, checking her phone to see what replies she had received.

With plans underway, Elizabeth took a long needed bath, unlike her powers, she always made sure the water was steaming hot. The speakers in the bathroom blasting Taylor Swift while Elizabeth enjoyed the calm state of mind she was in. She sank in the water, letting it cover her up to her nose. The woman from the other night kept flashing in her head. She could've saved her. She began to remember what her father taught her.

You don't need to be perfect Snowflake, just try your best. That's all we need.

But she did try her best. Didn't she? Maybe there was more to her, maybe she needs to be faster, stronger, smarter. Specially smarter. Her dad could figure things out in seconds, he built world changing technology, he was the smartest man she has ever met. Yet, he still managed to get himself killed. Is that their destiny? Try their best, die and the world moves on. She could make a bigger impact as G than Wintry could. She probably had an army willing to die for her, maybe a bit exaggerating, but she could definitely move crowds. But instead she sneaks out of one the most comfortable places in the city and risk her life. Just so in the end she doesn't save them all. Pathetic. It truly was, she had so much power, so much potential and without needing to be Wintry. She could run for office maybe? Although that could lead to corruption... Donate her earnings! Clothes, food, shelter, there was a lot of things she could provide. But then people like Long would take it all away, people with power always take it all away. She had the power to give it back though...

"I get it!" Elizabeth stood up, yelling at her shampoo bottle. "I get it, I just don't like it! Why me? So many people in the world, why did I have to carry with this burden? What god, creator, or whatever said oh let's make this pot head a superhero! Like, common sense Kami! Give the powers to someone who actually wants to do the job!"

She began to shiver as she realized she had began to freeze the water while yelling at her shampoo bottle. With a loud groan as her bath had been ruined she got out, using the hair dryer to warm herself up a bit before changing into her Stich onesie and stepping out to her living room. She quickly went to her phone to start ordering food through, pizza, nachos, boneless and even some goodies from local supermarkets, like chips and sodas.

"Laura, connect the Xbox please!" She said out loud as her television turned on by itself, along with the Xbox and the sounds system.

She turned quickly towards the door as the buzzer was heard.

"Miss Elric, I have a group of people who say they're here to see you."

"Send them in!" She called out.

Finally, G made sure she looked good in the mirror before fixing up the the coffee table in her living room, spreading about four Xbox controllers and making sure any trash was well, in the trash. Before long, Crood, along with two more guys and a girl arrived to G's apartment. Shortly after the food arrived and the party began.

"Bro!" Crood shouted, raising his hand, "Rap battle."

"I'm down!" Calvin, a chubby Seth Rogen look alike pointed at Crood "But like in Japanese, I've watched a shit load of anime yesterday, like half of One Piece."

G laughed, truly laughed, catching the attention of the rest of the group. "Karaoke would be a lot better, I can hook up the microphone."

Cameron, the obviously Latin of the group smoked his joint until he couldn't anymore before speaking up, "Yes! I love marry okay."

"kere Oh Kee" Jordan, a pink haired tough looking girl called out trying to correct Cameron.

"Bruh, get like off my back." Cameron grabbed a bag of chips, attempting to give Jordan an evil stare.

G grabbed a microphone from her streaming room and hooked it up quickly, not wanting the others to lose interest in the activity before they got started. It didn't take long for the group to get into it, singing Backstreet Boys, Shakira, Baby Metal and even Crood attempted Eminem's Rap God. G was having fun, her worries had disappeared into the lost parts of her mind. Soon the singing turned into dancing, from Salsa to Disco, giving every decade a chance to shine on the dance floor. As the hours passed the group kept going at it, Calving showing why he was the twerking champion, with G coming in second. Who would've thought Calvin could twerk upside down without spilling his Red Bull.

"Yo!" Crood called out, pausing the music, "The party, I gotta go get ready got lots of sales to deliver, including yours G."

"Holy shit you're G!" Calvin pointed at the hostess of the house, "I knew you looked familiar, I have all your bikin photos. That red one was bomb!" He high fived G.

"Like and subscribe!" G replied bursting into laughter with the group. "Crood, Croodo, Croody, give me my stash now."

"Nope, cuz then you wont' go, let's gooooo!" Crood led the group out of the apartment, taking some snacks with them and leaving G alone.

She threw herself on to the couch, with a loud sigh. "Dammit I have to go to the party now..."

After waiting for a few moments for her mind to return to earth, G got to work. Taking a quick shower first, forcing her problems to stay behind while she got ready. She threw on a black skirt, light blue blouse and a black leather jacket that matched with her black boots. No hoodies, no glasses, she didn't care if anybody saw G, because she just wanted to be G tonight. Her ride arrived quickly, taking her to the destination of the so called party. When she stepped out and eyes began to fall on her, she began to walk proudly, just be herself.

G got in line, as it seemed they were checking school IDs. Once it was her turn she quickly reached into her bag, no ID. She stepped to the side and looked closer, no ID. Paranoia began to creep over her, that ID showed her real name. She kept searching until she felt a strong hand on her shoulder.

"I know who you are, you can come in." A John Cena look alike wearing a black shirt gestured towards the door. "Like I will be guy known for not letting G join the party." He smiled before going back to his post, waving his hand in front of his face while rejecting a guy who didn't have an ID.

Maybe you left it at home, no biggie.

G walked inside, the booming noise rushing through her veins as she began looking around for Crood and somehow getting a cup of whiskey in her hand as she made her way through the crowds of people, checking her phone waiting for Crood to answer.

Meanwhile Crood leaned back, not being able to see in the cloud of smoke that had gathered in the room they were all seated. However, he was taken back by the door opening, flashing lights and the shadow of a cowboy appearing. "Yo! What year are you from?"