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Brother and Sister... (3DS)

by CombuskenBrazil

CombuskenBrazil Okay, get ready for explanations:
1 - They didn't are brothers, they consider itself as a brother and sister, but they are just friends... (NOTHING OF RICHARD X KIM)
2 - I should post this at the #flashchallenge, but I forgot e.e
3 - This is a "scene" that happens in the Hoenn expedition (At the Mirage Spots, yep, Latios and Latias special!), conversations, blah blah blah, Katarina, blah blah blah
Kim: Aw! Come on! Katarina is a cool person! And we have the promise, not? ;)
Richard: Ah, you still remember... ':)
friendzone, blah blah blah, flashbacks, blah blah blah........

Well, if you didn't saw the "Team Aqua, Kim - sprite" description... See it.

Meh, now you can have fun. Bye~
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