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Ore:His Lucario Life: Breakfast

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 Chapter 5
I feel bad that I delayed one of the two series I made,though,I'm done with this and the other chapter in Taylor's. But,enjoy!
Ore got out of the bed and went downstairs,the other pokemon were already eating.
"There you Ore,here's your food,you sit on the right of Shay."Cloud handed Ore a plate of bacon,eggs,and waffles. He sat down to Shay and Twix,Twix snarfed down her food. He looked at the others to see the Absol,Shadess,poking at her food. He stared at her,which made Shadess look up.
"Whatcha what?"she said in a low(not too low XD) ,feminine,and little bit of a French accent.
Ore looked down,blushing just a little,he liked Shadess,but he knew they would never fit together. He now was poking his food,
"Can somebody pass the peppers?"he blurted out. Cloud looked up from her food and raised an eyebrow. Twix,which had a waffle in her mouth,dropped it open,though the others made her quickly shut it.
"Y-You sure Ore? I...never knew you liked peppers."Cloud pushed the peppers to him.
He grabbed the bowl,put a couple in his eggs,and ate them. This was surprising to everyone,because they all knew he hated peppers with a burning passion...and a certain pokemon that was involved. Though,he was eating the peppers right in front of them. Cloud stood up,
"I have an announcement."her eyes were cold,and looking straight at Ore.