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by NonAnalogue

NonAnalogue This was an experiment in character design where I intentionally tried to keep it simple - my goal was to design characters that I could easily redraw, since I'm really bad at that. To that end, I came up with these guys - all of their designs are based off of geometric figures and not embellished a whole lot. Maybe I'll do comics with 'em or something, I dunno.

From left to right:

Shep, the party's cleric, is softspoken and generally keeps to herself. Everyone sort of gets the impression that she's keeping a lot of secrets, but she does a good job keeping the team healed, so nobody pries too much. She tends to keep to the back lines in combat, preferring instead to bolster her teammates' strength. Shep is generally the one to come up with strategy, even if she's not always listened to.

Thousa, the party's fighter, is the de facto leader of the team. She knows she's not the strongest, the nimblest, or the most clever, but that's why she teamed up with others for whom those superlatives apply. She sees her job as keeping the rest of the team together and working smoothly, which she is usually able to do. Thousa tends to be a little forgetful from time to time, but it comes with the territory in keeping the rest of her party in line.

Lani, the party's rogue, is also generally the hardest member of the team to get along with. She's hotheaded and stubborn, especially when she's convinced she's in the right. She's far and away the most nimble of her teammates, and uses that to her advantage when it comes to sneaking up on foes and performing recon. Though she can be harsh, she also never gives up, refusing to back down from any challenge and never leaving any of her teammates behind.

Hetzedara (or Zed for short), the party's mage, is skittish and nervous, preferring to stay on the back lines with Shep to keep from getting ambushed. Zed doesn't know much about their own past - they remember waking up one morning as some kind of undead skeleton, but nothing before that. All they remember is that the jewel that they wear on their forehead is really important for some reason. Even though they don't look it, Zed is the most powerful member of the team, capable of casting some truly devastating spells.
  1. sadmaninmysoup
    I really like the creativity involved. :)
    Sep 24, 2015