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Pokemon Lapis And Lazuli: A Unexpected Thing In Route 1!

by Sylvious

When Lapis Woke Up, Lazuli Was Gone.
"Oh hey! She went ahead of me! Wait up!" Lapis Said.
*Lapis Ran To Route 1.*
"Wow.. This is like going on a safari but with Pokémon!" Lapis Said.
*A Pokémon Pushed Lapis To The Ground.*
"Ow! WHO DID THAT?!" Lapis Yelled.
"Pidgey? Pidgey!" The Pokémon Yelled.
*The Pokémon Was Stepping On Lapis And Jumping On Her.*
"Get off! Pokedex, what is this Pokémon?" Lapis Said.
"Pidgey, The Normal And Flying Type Pokémon. Very docile. If attacked, it will often kick up sand to protect itself rather than fight back." Lapis Pokedex Said.
"Oh. A Pidgey! I wanna catch it!" Lapis Said.
*Lapis looks all over her waist and pockets.*
"I have no Pokeballs..... Pikachu! Just thunder shock it!" Lapis Said.
"Pika! Pika...... CHUUUUUU!!!!" Pikachu Yelled.
*Thunder Came Out Of Pikachu's Cheeks.*
"PIDGEY!" Pidgey Said.
*The Pidgey Fainted.*
"What was that?! I guess I'm hearing things. Lets get out of here!" Lapis Said.
*Lapis Took A Step And Heard The Sound Again. She Took Another Step And She Heard The Sound Again AND IT WAS EVEN LOUDER. She Took Another Step And.... Kaboom. A Flock Of Pidgey's Came From The Sky And Aimed For Lapis Head.*
"Ow.... Ow.. O......" Lapis Said Coming To A Stop.
*Lapis Went Into A Coma.*
"Pika? Pika? PIKA!!!!!!? Pika.... PIKA!!!!!!!!!!" Pikachu Cried. "PIDGEY!" Pidgey Yelled. "PIKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Pikachu Said.
*Pikachus Body Was Flying, The Sun Came Out Of The Sky And Came To Pikachu, And The Sun Smashed The Pidgey And Went Into The Sky.*
"Pika...." Pikachu Said.
*Somebody Came To Lapis.*
"Pikachu, I'm Nurse Joy. Why is this girl on the ground?" Nurse Joy Said.
"Pika, And Pika, And Pika, AND CHU!" Pikachu Said. "Okay. Chansey! Come!" Nurse Joy Said.
"Chansey! Chansey! Chansey!" Somebody, Maybe Chansey Said.
"Chansey. I need you to put this girl in the Pokémon Center." Nurse Joy Said.
"Chansey!" Chansey Said.

What Will Happen Next?