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Ore:His Lucario Life: A Shadowy Friend or Foe?

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 Chapter 4
Ore woke up with a pokemon in the shadows,it was a Darkrai,rocking back and forth in Ore's rocking chair.They made eye contact but didn't say anything,then Ore asked,
"Why are you here?Your obviously here for a reason.".
"Your...observant...yes,I am here to tell you that there's a great fear in the land."
"You mean yourself,right?"
"No.Something far greater than I ever been."there was silence in the air.
"Then-who is it?"The suspense in the air around him made him choke on the words,
"Darkrai's power must be getting to me."Ore thought.
"I-do not know yet."
"Okay...then why chose me over a legendary pokemon?"
"Because They chose you,Ore the Lucario.They know about your power and how it's beyond any Lucario's power,we've seen you cry,laugh,enjoy your life on this land.But,we feel your pain and joy...we understand you,but I am either your friend or foe,depending on how you see me...and others.Ore,later on in your life...you will be thrown into a war of the legendaries,something not regular pokemon can see.Though,you...you are a special pokemon,you don't have pokerus...but your really strong...you don't have regular pokemon emotions...your's are more human...Ore,YOU are legendary!!!"Darkrai finished.Ore didn't know what to say,he was still thinking about what the Darkrai said.Then,Ore began to be filled with anger,
"Why is HE here?!Why do THEY pick him?!What did HE do to deserve THIS?!"he thought.
"Ge-Get out."
"Ore,you ne-"
"I said,get out."
"Ore!You don't under-"
"If you say so...see you in your dream some other time."and with that,Darkrai disappeared.
Ore woke up to hear his alarm clock going off,
"Nnargh!!!"he yelled,and threw the clock against the wall of his pokeball.
"Darkrai-who does he think he is?!He thinks he can just waltz into my dreams and say,oh,I'm Darkrai,and I can choose your destiny with the others Ore!Isn't that great,old buddy,old p-"Ore then realized where he remembered the Darkrai from,Pokemon Kindergarten.Darkrai was his old friend,and the only friend he had.
"But,pokemon change!So he might be more ev-"he then remember Darkrai having a softer,kinder,voice than a usual male Darkrai would have.
Darkrai was just warning him...and Ore ignored it.
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  1. AzureEdge
    That's just sad.
    Childhood friends... and now this?
    *Breaks jar of feels*
    Oct 16, 2014