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A Pokemon Fanfic: A Pokemon Fanfic: Chapter Eleven (Electrifying!)

by Bulba the Curious

Bulba the Curious #summercamp15

It is time for Norman to continue the Pokemon league challenge, with Gloria helping him defeat Wattson, the third gym leader.
It was time to get caught up. The gang found a place to stay in a large apartment building in Mauville, and Norman and Lawrence told about what had happened in their time apart.

"You've seen Minun, but I've also caught a Zigzagoon since you've been away," Lawrence informed his friend.

"I caught a Zubat, and then defeated the second gym, in Dewford," Norman explained.

Lawrence thought for a second, then said, "While you're taking on this gym, I might go back and do that one. I'll catch up quickly, don't worry."

They all had a good night's sleep, and the next morning, Lawrence set out for Dewford, while Mr. Stone, Gloria, and Norman prepared a plan.

"Gloria's grass type will help you in this battle," Mr.Stone told Norman. "Don't use Zubat, it's weak. Flygon is immune to electric attacks, so it will be your prime pokemon this match."

After a bit more planning, Norman and Gloria checked out of their rooms and headed for the Mauville gym. Norman took a moment to admire the city, by far the biggest one he had seen so far. "This place is huge," he breathed.

"This town is always obsessed with getting bigger," Gloria added. She pointed to a bunch of posters on one of the buildings. They read things like Sea Mauville to be completed in the Fall or New Mauville Project begins in just a year!

"I hear they even plan to remodel the whole city!" Gloria seemed amazed.

The duo arrived at the gym doors. They entered somewhat cautiously, and were surprised to see cables and wires strung around the room and on the floor.

"It's some kind of wire maze," Norman observed. Upon this, a man in a construction worker's outfit appeared. He was holding a wrench in his left hand and a soda in his right.

"It's actually a set-up for the new puzzle we're makin' in here," the man told them, taking a sip of his drink. A few drops of soda stuck to his shaggy beard. "But until then, you might wanna treat it like a maze. Some of the wires," the man leaned in close, "are live." And just as soon as he had appeared, the man dissapeared into the tangled mess of possibly live wires.

"Do you think he was telling the truth?" Norman asked Gloria, nervously.

"I don't want to find out," Gloria responded, just a shaken.

Scene 25

The two traversed the maze very carefully. Making sure not to graze a single wire with their hand, arm, or leg. Once, Norman accidentally grabbed a wire. Luckily it hadn't been live. When Gloria asked him why he had done that, Norman didn't tell her that he was actually grabbing for her hand.

Finally, the duo emerged into an empty corridor. Up some stairs, a battle arena awaited them.

Standing in the center of the arena was a young man with his back to Norman and Gloria. He wore a shirt with pineapples on it, and had electric yellow spiky hair, similar to Mr. Stone's. The man turned around with a jolly laugh and said to the challengers in an unusually deep voice, "I am Wattson, the third gym leader!" He assessed his challengers. "This should be a fun fight! I haven't had a double battle in a mighty long time!"

The opponents took their places on opposite sides of the arena. "Let the battle begin!" Wattson announced.

"Go, Flygon!"

"Go Roselia!"

"I choose you, Voltorb and Electrike!"

Norman knew he was ready. "Flygon, Bulldoze!" Flygon flew down to the center of the arena and plowed into the ground. Bits of rock and earth flew everywhere. Roselia protected itself from most of the debris, but Voltorb and Electrike were hit hard. Electrike fainted.

"Voltorb, use Rollout on the Roselia!" Wattson commanded. He sent out Magneton as well, and commanded it to use Supersonic on Flygon.

Gloria quickly said, "Roselia, dodge!" but the command came too late. Roselia was plowed over by Voltorb, knocking it out of the battle. Gloria sent in her new Plusle as a replacement.

Magneton glared at Flygon, and created a high-pitched noise aimed at the dragon. Flygon heard the sound and fell to the ground, confused and somewhat scared by the shrieking.

"Flygon, please!" Norman begged. "Attack again!" Flygon didn't listen.

"Minun, use Electro Ball on Voltorb!" Gloria commanded. Minun created a glowing ball of electricity and shot it at Voltorb, who tried to roll away, but just wasn't fast enough. The ball-shaped pokemon fainted.

"You've got it coming now!" Wattson declared as he sent out his final pokemon, a Manectric. "Manectric... use Ice Fang on Flygon."

Norman could do nothing but watch as Manectric leaped toward the still-crippled Flygon and bit it with cold incisors. Flygon fainted.

"I've still got three pokemon left," Norman informed Wattson. "Go, Treble!"

Now in his first gym battle as a Clefairy, Treble, still wearing his bow from the concert, sang a short tune for the small audience before getting serious.

Norman gave a quick nod to Gloria. They had a plan for this situation. Gloria was the first part. "Plusle, use Helping Hand!" Plusle grabbed Treble's hand, quite cutely.

Now it was Norman's turn. "Treble, Sing!" Treble began singing an amazingly melodious tune. Plusle even sang along, giving the song a Harmony that was able to put both Magneton and Manectric asleep. Norman and Gloria exchanged hi-fives. Their plan had worked!

"Okay, Treble. Disarming Voice!" Treble now let out a shriek, totally unlike the song before. Magneton and Manectric were jarred awake and damaged. "For the Final hit, use Double Slap on Manectric!"

Gloria added in, "Minun, Electro Ball!" And with a zap and a slap or two, Norman and Gloria had won.