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Ore:His Lucario Life: A New Teacher

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 Chapter 6
As Cloud's cold eyes burned inside Ore's pokemon soul,he wondered what he'd done wrong.
"As you are all aware,a pokemon here had decided to run away. But,I will excuse them for their leaving. Now,the school of this pokemon says that their school will be cancelled because of repairs they want to do on the building."she paused. Ore held his excitement as much as he could.
"Now,this means that they will not be taught,which they need. So,I have decided to homeschool them until the school says they're ready for students again. You are dismissed."
Cloud strolled away and washed the dishes with Shadess,who was doing the dishes this week. Ore went up to his pokeball and pressed the button,sending him in. He grabbed his books and pencil,having his head down,dragged himself to the classroom for the new and young pokemon Cloud had got. He watched as Cloud explained the lesson. When it came for him to work on his homework,he asked Cloud to help him on some questions.
She gladly accepted and showed him how to,which he understood and was able to figure out. He liked Cloud as a teacher,she spent her time helping him instead of helping herself. Every once and while,a pokemon would come in and discuss a problem with Cloud that she had to take care of. He sighed as he plopped in his pokeball bed and slept.
"Rest little one,you'll need it..."
  1. CloudLine64
    Yep,at least it's not anything too bad...yet. >:D
    Jan 25, 2015
  2. AzureEdge
    H-homeschool? Can't wait to see how this goes~
    Jan 25, 2015