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The Showcase Series: A New Start

by Shauna23

Shauna23 Azuri, Espurr, and Minun explore Coumarine City
The morning after the showcase, Azuri explores the city. They went everywhere, until they thought of an idea. " Let's challenge Ramos! " Azuri exclaimed, " but first, let's bat some other people. After about an hour of searching, they found someone willing to battle. He had 2 pokemon with him. " Come on out, Chespin! " the trainer yelled. In a flash of light, Chespin appeared.
" If your using your starter, I'll use mine. Showtime, Espurr! " Azuri exclaimed.
" Chespin use vine whip! " commanded the trainer, Koal.
" Use psybeam to counter it!" yelled Azuri. Chespin was hit hard. " Now use scratch! " Azuri commanded. Chespin was even weaker. " Finish this up with psywave " she yelled. Chespin was unconscious.
" Come on back, Chespin. Go Riolu!" Koal yelled. In a flash, Chespin was replaced by Riolu. " Use quick attack! " He commanded.
" Use psywave! " Azuri commanded. Espurr was hit hard.
" Use copycat " Koal yelled. Espurr was knocked out.
" Come back, Espurr. Go, Minun! " exclaimed Azuri, " Use electro ball! "
" Counter it with aura sphere, " yelled Koal. The moves collided to create an explosion. "Use charm, " commanded Azuri . Riolu was charmed. " Finish with spark! " Azuri yelled. Riolu was knocked out. I did it, Azuri thought, I won a battle.
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  1. ProtoMegaMan
    Nice! Though Riolu could've used Blaze Kick, or something. Also, It would be cool if it was a Mash-Up, but no
    Jun 13, 2015