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A New Life AND A New Neighbor

by CheyLuvDak

CheyLuvDak Ash's story... #summercamp15
Chapter One: The Beginning​
A truck pulled up near the calm, serene and peaceful streets of Twinleaf Town. Out came an ebony-haired tall man as he jumps off the truck and takes a deep breathe inhaling the fresh air. He took a look around at his surroundings. Not a chirp was to be heard. He liked it that way, though. He glanced over at the man in the truck waiting for him to pay him.
"Oh, sorry!" He sheepishly laughed as he gave him the money.
"Thank you." He said.
"No, no. Thank you!" He smiled as the truck man sped off.
Ash Ketchum was his name. Recently divorced, he moves on with his life to a new place, hoping to find love again. But is it possible? Of course, he couldn't forget that day.
"May, I have to tell you something." Ash said to the mirror.
May waas the love of Ash's life. She was a lovely brunette who loved learning new things. She loved travelling and loved eating, similarly to Ash. Ash met her when he bumped into her as he was travelling as well. He never thought he could fall in love until he met her. She was all a guy looked for. Her perfect brown hair, her blue eyes, her beautiful long legs that would make anyone melt.
Ash and May right away started dating and their relationship started blossoming from the very start. They both loved each other or so he thought...
Ash looked into the mirror one more time and took out a ring. So many questions piled up. Am I making a mistake? Am I going too fast? What should I do? How should I do it? But he built up confidence and made up his mind. He gave a stern look one more time and walked out. From there he went to May's house.
A simple knock on the door put May to the door.
"Ash. Hey umm what brings you here?" May asked, looking a little shocked.
"What? Can't I visit my girlfriend?" Ash asked, May chuckled.
"Or should I say "my future wife?" Ash smiled. May lifted an eyebrow and gasped. She covered her mouth when Ash got on one knee. He pulled out the ring and presented it to her.
"May, would you like to spend every moment of every day with me forever?" Ash asked. His knee was aching as he was waiting for her reply, but he didn't mind. May was shocked. Ash saw the reaction on her face.
"If you need more time then I can-" Ash got cut off.
"No." May simply said. Ash rubbed his eyes as he got up.
"I'm sorry. What?" He tried ensuring he heard that right answer.
"No." She said again.
"But why?" Ash asked. "I thought everything was going well."
"It is going well, Ash. It's just-this is a huge step. I'm just not ready right now. You can understand, right?" May said as she kissed his cheek.
"Yeah. Of course. No problem." Ash gently smiled.
"Great. No hard feelings, right?" May asked.
"Right." Ash said as he gently kissed her on the lips.
Ash walked away when suddenly he heard something in the distance. It was coming from May's house, he believed. He tried ignoring it, but he kept thinking that something was wrong. Eventually his conscience led him back to May's house. The noise was clear now. He opened the door and found May kissing someone else. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Was this a nightmare? No this was reality. Heart-broken, he didn't say anything, but slammed the door and went outside, trying to eliminate the ugly video he just saw.
May and Drew "her boyfriend" got startled from the loud slam. May figured it was Ash. She ran outside, but by that time, he had already disappeared from sight.
"Oh, Ash. I'm really sorry." May thought.
Drew came outside and comforted her.
"Don't worry, May. It's probably for the best."
"But this wasn't supposed to happen. I never wanted to hurt him, Drew. I was gonna tell him, but I was afraid. This is all my fault." May said, breaking in tears.
"I'm sure he'll understand." He said as he kissed her.
"I hope so too." May said.
A full year had passed and by that time, Ash got over May. He needed a new place, somewhere where he could start fresh.
(End of flashback)

Ash was staring at the picture of May held in his hand. Surprisingly, he still kept it. Truthfully, in that year, he was a mess. He wouldn't sleep or even eat. And he loved eating.But he'd never forget that painful time May gave him. Why did she betray him? Was he that awful? He sighed as he threw his old memories in the trash can of his new house.

"Paul! Lunch is ready!" A voice called out.
The voice came from Dawn, a loving beautiful wife of her husband, Paul. They recently got married 2 months ago. Dawn was a spirited, bright, talkative, beautiful woman with sparkling blue eyes. She smiled as she set the table for her husband to dine on. She loosened her ponytail and started to comb it while looking in the mirror.
Suddenly, a hand was placed on her waist.
"You never stop looking in the mirror, do you?" Paul said, huskily.
"Well, it's not easy to look this good." Dawn giggled.
"Brag much?" Paul teased.
"Shut up and eat your lunch. I made your favorite. Pasta." Dawn said, removing his hand from her waist.
"Pasta is my favorite, but now that I think about it, I have a new one." Paul smiled.
"What?" Dawn asked, confused.
"You are." Paul said, kissing her cheek, while putting his hand around her waist again. Dawn retorted, but couldn't help to enjoy it. Paul turned her around to face him and kissed her neck.
"Paul! Your food's getting cold. C'mon, stop!" Dawn said.
"Really? That's good." Paul said.
"I'm going over there to welcome him." Dawn said.
"Why?" Paul said.
"Paul, you wouldn't understand. You don't seem to understand hospitality." Dawn said.
"I hate that word." Paul said as he drank a sip of water. "Tell me, is it a girl or boy?"
"It looked like a man, to me." Dawn said.
"Oh, then you're not seeing him." Paul commanded. Dawn laughed.
"Seriously, Paul? You haven't even met him and you're already jealous." Dawn giggled.
"Fine. You can go see him. But he better not flirt with you or even try to touch you." Paul threatened. Dawn sighed and nodded. "Yes, my supreme overlord." She teased as she left.
A call rung into Paul's ears.
"What are you doing?" Said a voice.
"It'll take more time. But trust me, I'll definitely make you proud."
"You better! Remember our deal? You can't back you."
"I know. Trust me on this. You won't be sorry."
"How much time do you need?"
"About a month." Said Paul.
"Alright, but remember, everything should work to plan. And it should be precise. Got it?"
"Got it!" Paul said as he hung up.
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  1. CheyLuvDak
    Thats cool :)
    Jul 28, 2015
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  2. Stelluna
    Yeah, but I don't know where it went. I also did a comic series once called "Kirby Abridged"
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  3. CheyLuvDak
    I used to write a lot but just started this. I thought I would try the contest :) Have you tried to write stories before?
    Jul 20, 2015
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    OMG, I wish I was as good at writing as you Cheyenne... :(
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