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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: A New Evil Team?!?!

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel and Sasha meet in Petalburg and enter Rusty City, where Uriel will challenge the Gym, but things go really wrong. (Chapter 6)
Sasha and I began walking when we finally reach the outside of Petalburg Woods. I quickly decided to head to Rusty City and get myself a badge but we quickly saw something slightly different. The entire city had a drought and we saw rocky guys that had similar clothes to the icy guys but had the clothes all brown. "Who are you" I asked. "I'm Team Rock Admin Kyle, and who may you be" he said nicely. "I'm Uriel, hey did you happen to mess with the weather here" I asked. "Yes, Team Rocks plans are to make this region a rocky place where pokemon become the priority in the land. We will do this by awakening Regirock" he said. "I won't let you do this" I said. "Wanna battle it" he asked. "Let's do this Sasha" I said. "Sure" she answer. "Go Lairon" Kyle said "Go Cacnea" I said "Go Vanilite". "Cacnea use Pin Missile and Vanilite used Icicle Spear". Lairon quickly dodged both moves. "Lairon use Earthquake" and that knocked out both our pokemon. "Man, your strong" I got to say. "I'm an Admin after all, shouldn't be surprised" he said. "HEY!!" someone came screaming. It was Gabriel. "I wanna fight you Kyle" he said. "Go Sanshrew use Earthquake". "DODGE it and use Iron Head. "DODGE it and use Dig". Sandshrew went underground and came out knocking down Lairon. "Pretty strong, for a kid, our mission here is done" Kyle said and departed the city. "I wish to battle you but we need to get the the gym leader" Gabriel said. "Where is it and who is him or her" I asked. "He is Archie and he is training in the nearby river we need him to use Rain Dance to get rain back to Rusty City" Gabriel said. "Let's go then" I said. We all went to the river where Archie was training. "We need your help Archie" I said. "Sure" he said. We all headed back and Archie used Rain Dance and made it rain in the dry city. "I'll battle you three so you can go on and get yourseves a badge" he said. Gabriel entered the gym while Sasha and I waited outside.