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Pokemon Daria's Adventures: A Mega Battle-Medicham v Beedrill

by JC111414

JC111414 Daria and Irma discover Kenta and Uriel are up ahead with a huge battle
We ran towards them.
"Hey there, Daria." Kenta said blushing a little.
"Kenta and I will have a Mega Battle." UK said.
"What's that?" I asked.
"A battle between two trainers that hold mega stones and their pokemon can mega evolve." UK said.
"Look. Green gave me this mega stone that fits in my hat." Kenta said.
"And mine is on my glasses." UK said.
UK sent out Medicham and Kenta sent out Beedrill.
"Mega Sunglasses, respond to me. MEGA EVOLVE." Medicham began chaning appearance and Mega Evolved to Mega Medicham.
"Mega Hat, respond to my heart. MEGA EVOLVE." Beedrill also changed appearance and Mega Evolve into Mega Beedrill.
"So cool." Irma said.
Beedrill use Horn Attack. Beedrill quickly moved towards Medicham but Medichan managed to dodge in time and used Ice Punch without it's trainer saying a word.
"How did Medichan knew?" Irma asked.
"We have a bond that nobody understands." UK said. "Medichan finish this." Medichan got close to Beedrill and used Fire Punch which knocked out Beedrill ending rhe battle.
"I have a lot to learn." Kenta said before leaving.
"I also have to go." UK said. "Green is up ahead. He wanted to see you."
I decided to head on to Coldstone Town. Irma followed me and on the way caught a Snover. We soon proceeded to see Hugh comming our way.
"Hello Hugh." I said blushing a little.
He noticed as well.
"Hello there, Daria." He greeted me.
"Are you heading to the gym?" I asked.
"Yep, but first, I need a Heracross which is available on Route 115." He said.
"Good luck then." He shook my hand and left
"I wonder why he needs Heracross?" Irma questioned.
"I also wonder why..."