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A Journey worth A Thousands of Fears

by Sasha the Eevee Master

Sasha the Eevee Master Fears memory
Sasha tossed an turned in her sleep a nightmare of the past possessed her once pleasant dreams. Tears fell as slept, a certain lizard Kanto starter watched her. 'Not again. Master..' She thought as she watched over her.
In her Dream-
“MUMMY, PLEASE ANSWER ME!” cried a tearful Red haired 6 year old girl, as she glanced down at her mum who had blood pouring from her open wound in her chest... It was already to late. The child’s mum lied dead motionless before her used to be green but now glazed white with crystal tears.
The Salamence roar loudly at the girl and as she cried her heart out it used Hyper Beam. It hit but a different target!
No!” screamed Sasha as sprung out her bed as she stretched out her right hand to grab thick air. Her sweat poured down her four head mixing with fresh tears that painted a charmander that was watching her sleep. Charmander looked up at her master.
SASHA! YOU OKAY?” asked Rick and Claire as she sprinted through the doors.
Just a nightmare. Rick, Claire. Just a nightmare.” Sasha said as she laid down on her pillow.
Okay Sasha see you in the morning.”said Rick.

When they left Sasha climbed out of the bed and glided to the balcony she looked out. ' a nightmare... No guys a memory I wish never happened.'
Sasha got up and glided over to the balcony.
Charmander!”Charmander got up from its spot on her pillow next to Sasha's and glanced at her master. “we are going to find Salamence and I promise if its the last I do. I will make it pay for my parents death!”
WHAT , Sasha didn't know what was that two loyal friend was listen to her.
'oh no!'
  1. Azur
    Ooh, what a good story! I am excited to see more of it, very good so far.
    Dec 30, 2014