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Ore:His Lucario Life: A Beginning

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 It's about my Lucario,Ore,being where he stands today.If you guys don't like it,I'll delete it for you.If you do,I'll make more on,Sunday. Bye!
Ore woke up to see his alarm clock was going off,"I'm going to be late for school!"he exclaimed.He jumped out of his pokeball,greeting his Trainer,Cloud,with a good morning.Cloud,unlike other trainers,could understand them because they would talk to her.Cloud somehow got this power when she fought Sabrina,a Psychic Gym Leader.But Ore never knew because Cloud would never go into detail about it.
"Ore,here's your lunch and folder.Oh,and don't forget this."Cloud gave a pill to Ore,and he ate it.The pill was to help Ore control is aura,which was much more powerful than any other Lucario he knows.Cloud noticed this and made the pill just for him,it's actually now in Pokemarts,for other trainers that have the same problem.Ore said good-bye to Cloud and his fellow pokemon and went to school.
At school,Ore sat on the mat he used as a seat and desk.Next to him,a Lucaress,a female Lucario,named Luka sat. Luka was the most popular girl known in school,EVERY Lucario tried to win over Luka's heart.On his right,another Lucaress named Teeka,his friend,sat.Ore looked at the paws of the clock,it was 9:30,he sighed waiting for his other friends to get here. Rei,Yato,Gem,Darek,and,Bronze,Ore glared at Bronze as Bronze went to seat.
Ore despised Bronze,that's because whatever Ore could do,Bronze could do it better.Ore had muscles,but not like Bronze,Ore had brains,but Bronze was smarter,better,faster,stronger than Ore could ever be.And Ore despised it.
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  1. lilonegia
    Sep 1, 2014
  2. AzureEdge
    Wouldn't it be a special pill because Ore has that severe problem of such a big aura? (Or does ore take more of the pill than any other Lucario? Because he has such a huge aura.)
    Aug 30, 2014