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Pokemon Daria's Adventures: A Battle Between Girls

by JC111414

JC111414 Daria and Irma arrive at Moonlight City but jave to turn back because of an unexpected result.
A Battle Between Girls

We entered the Pokemon Center to be full of pokemon.
We wen to Nurse Joy and she told us that Moonlight Pokemon Center was even fuller than this one.
"Why are they full?" I asked.
"They ALL lost to the Gym at Moonlight." Nurse said.
"She must be really hard." Irma said.
"Yeah, you need four badges to challenge her." The nurse said.
"But I only have three." I said.
"Then I suggest heading towards Aquasin City, is to the western part of the region." The Nurse said.
"Thanks, let's go Irma." I said.
We soon made it to Icecold City, and Ines was there taking some air. She then told us to have a three on three battle to see who was the best then Irma bet that if she wn she will tell Hugh that I like him. I agreed since I knew I wasn't going to lose to her. I decided to go with Tepig, Treecko, and lastly Lairon.
I sent out Tepig when she sent out her Pinsir.
Tepig use Ember, I said. Pinsir dodged and used Mega horn, which didn't hurt Tepig at all.
Tepig use Ember. Tepig hit his target and Pinsir couldn't get up as Tepig used Tackle to finish Pinsir.
Return, Go Nuzleaf, use Dark Pulse. Tepig got hit badly as Nuzleaf used Giga Drain and defeated Tepig.
Return, Go Grovyle.
Grovyle use Pound.
Nuzleaf use Pound too.
Both of them kept hitting each other with intense pounds.
"Yes!" I screamed.
"What?" Irma said.
Grovyle defeated Nuzleaf
Return, Go Glaceon.
Glaceon use Ice Shard.
Grovyle use Vine Whip.
Both attacks hit hard.
Grovyle looks more tire than Glaceon.
Glaceon use Ice Shard.
Grovyle barely dodges as Glaceon uses Ice Beam and knocks it out.
Return, Go Lairon use Rock Slide.
Lairon disobeyed and uses Earthquake but Glaceon jumped upwarda to avoid it. Lairon charged at Glaceon using Headbutt and almost knock it out but Glaceon used Ice Shard to finish off Lairon.
"That was intense." I said.
"It sure was." Irma said...