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Pokemon Fanfiction: #1: When Audio Became A Father

by SparkyLewis949

SparkyLewis949 So my OC Hannah has two teams, and one of the Pokemon is Audio, her Noivern. Here is one of his stories
It seems like everyone has a child but me.

I mean, Austin and Roni had Dren, Chan had Aki with Sadie and then had Charow with Kayrow. Todd doesn't have children of his own but he takes weak Pokemon under his wing until they can fend for themself, so that's better than nothing, but then there's me. The Noivern with no child, no one to teach something to. I sat in the field we were currently in, and stared out in front of me.

I watched Charow and Dren playing in the field with their parents while Chan trained the Pokemon he currently had with him. I sighed, and stood up in front of Hannah, and she looked up from her book, putting it down. "Yes, Audio?" She asked me. "I'm going to take a little fly around the region, alright?" I told her, straightening out my wings. "Okay, just know we're not leaving here until you come back, okay?" She said to me, glancing back down at her book. I nodded, and flew off into light blue sky.

As I stood in front of Terminus Cave, I took a deep breath. The last time I had been here was when Hannah had found me. I heard the mumbled yells of a few Pokemon, mentioning a mother Noivern, but the rest was incipherable. I walked in, and soon saw a crowd of young Noibats, Larvitars and one Shuckle. They were yelling, and an impulse caused me to investigate. As I got closer, I finally saw what was going on. I felt a wave of anger and disdain rush in, and I intended to stop this.

"What are you doing?" I yelled at them. "It's the mother Noivern's egg, she is not living, her remnants must be destroyed at all costs." One of the Larvitars said, going back to kicking the egg around. I stepped back, remembering what had happened before Hannah found me. I charged them, and they parted, leaving the eggs behind. I grabbed the eggs, and flew up. "Get the egg!" One of the Noibats yelled, flying after me. I flew above the Pokemon who couldn't fly and the curious trainer who came back for another day of being beaten. I flew out of the cave and flew higher than the under-developed Noibats. I looked at the egg, and saw a small crack. I held it closely as I went back to the field.

I landed and stood on the grass as Hannah, Chan and the others crowded around, looking at my arms. "Where did you find that?" Chan said, ruffling his feathers. "It was in Terminus Cave, it was being attacked by these Pokemon, and it has a crack on it. Hopefully it isn't too injured." I told him. Austin placed his paw on the egg, and then took it off. "Your egg is going to hatch soon. From what I've noticed is the hotter an egg gets, the closer it is to hatching." I looked down and smiled. I whispered to myself. "I'm gonna be a dad."

It had been a few days since I found the egg, and it seemed I was driving everyone crazy with my constant babbling to the egg. "Audio, you've been up for days, just get some sleep already!" Chan said to me, looking worried. I nodded, and laid down on the couch in Hannah's step-mom's living room. I laid the egg on my stomach, and fell asleep.

I woke up to a massive rumbling on my stomach, and saw the egg shaking rapidly. I grinned wildly, and stayed calm. I picked up the egg, and walked outside, and held it up to the others. They crowded around, and I backed away. "Guys, back up, you might hurt it if you get too close." They backed up and I sat Indian style on the grass and placed the egg in front of me. When the egg shell finally broke off, I looked down at the baby Noibat. But it was different.

"It's a boy!" Austin exclaimed as the Noibat opened his eyes. He looked at me and smiled, and rubbed his tiny blue forehead on my leg. I smiled and stroked the back of his head. "So what are you going to name him?" Hannah said, smiling at him. I thought for a moment and smiled. "I think I'll name him Stereo." I said. I noticed one wing was torn, and the other was perfectly fine. The others smiled at the name. "Well I think it's a wonderful name. If you have questions, just come to us." Kayrow said, and they got up and left. I stood up myself and held Stereo in front of me. "My son."
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