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Before: Zezanna: Ch.5 "Training"

by obey_jaidon

Zehira grabbed a woven string from a old tree bark drawer. It looked long enough for the bow, which would be used to launch the arrow. She placed the string on the table, and got the wooden stick Zezanna got from the forest. Zehira took the stick to the back of the tree-house. About 10 minutes later, Zehira came back with half of the wooden stick carved into the bow. "You are going to carve the other half into the bow.", Zehira said. Zezanna took a deep breathe and grabbed a carving knife in the kitchen. She slowly carved little pieces of wood off the stick, starting with the top, and working her way to the bottom, with Zehira sitting in silence, watching every move Zezanna made with the knife. Suddenly, a loud crack of lighting destroyed the silence in the deep, quite Everfree forest. Zezanna jumped at the noise, and accidentally carved off half of the top of the bow. "Oh, dangnabbit.", Zezanna said, in anger. Zehira grabbed the bow and knife and carved the top and bottom of the bow, making it shorter. "It was too short anyway.", Zehira gave the bow back. And then Zezanna started to carve. "You know, you got scared of the sound. Being scared is just having your enemy take advantage of you." Zezanna looked at Zehira, and started, "I wasn't expecting that. Of course I would get scared." "Yes, but next time, remember the Everfree Forest always has unexpected surprises.",Zehira smiled. The sound of little raindrops grew louder as time went on. When Zezanna finished the bow, Zehira gave her a leather strap to put in the center, for an eaiser grip. Then, Zezanna made an arrow, with Zehira's help. Once they were finished, they went to bed, to start the new day ahead of them.

Once it was morning, everything was moist, after the rain. As always, Zezanna would have the perfect view of Princess Celestia raising the sun for dawn. "Let's go, today we're going to learn bow and arrow, martial arts, mastering sword fighting, and more." Zezanna didn't know how to fit all of that in one day, but Zehira knows what she's doing. From dawn to dusk, everyday, they were alternating the different defenses, and Zezanna became a more advanced and pro at fighting. One day, when Zezanna was older, and more experienced, Zehira wanted to have a talk with her. She sat her down on the same table that was used upon to make the bow. "Zezanna, I'm getting older and older as this old tree-house is, which is older then me. I think your ready to take on your sister and assassin, and bring justice to them." There was a silence. "Your kidding, right? It's only been 4 years that I've been here, and she has magic on her side. Magic.", Zezanna complained. "You may not think you are, but trust me. Your more than ready. ", Zehira said. "No. I can't be." "Yes. You are. Just promise me this. You will not end her. If you want to stop her for what she's doing to destroy your home, just talk with her, first. Tommorow you will head to Ponyville on the route we always used." ,Zehira ordered. "You will not return until news has spread. You leave at dawn." And Zezanna went to her room, practicing arrow shots and swords. For tomorrow was the day she would she her sister again.~