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Wolves and Pomeranian pt.1

by phoenixacezero

Manehattan. A bustling metropolis of mixed pop culture. From It grand five star hotel, fine dining, famous theater, to it amazing fashion, It is consider one of the creme la creme of Equestria.

My name is Coco Pommel. I'm a fashion designer and friendly earth pony. My belief is that generosity and good friends are the key to success ,but that what I didn't always thought. Way back then, I used to be an assistant of cruel mare by the name of Suri Polomare and for a while I thought that in order to make it in this city, you have to look out for yourself, but that all change when I met a mare named Rarity. Because of her actions, she made me realized that there better ways. So I quit my job working as Suri's assistance and ever since thing have been looking up for me. I been getting ton of jobs designing costumes for tons of clients. Though there are times when I get a pony that personality that make my job a bit "interesting." But I always to meet with their demands. I'm heading back to work on a commission for a client of mine.

Coco: *get out of the taxi cart.* thanks
Taxi cart colt: No problem *rides off.*

I pass through the door of the Sleepy Tail apartment building. I look to see the front desk security guard, an dark orange shaggy diamond dog named Barge wasn't there. I head up the stairs and walked up all the ways to the 3rd floor. When I got to my apartment I was greeted by a red unicorn mare wearing a ski mask, green pants and black saddle bags. My first instinct was to scream, but she then pull out something that made my heart stop.

Robber: *pull out a pistol with her magic* Try anything and I'll make you eat lead.

I froze as I stare down the barrel the icy cold barrel of gun levitated by a light blue, My life flashing before my eyes. All the hardship I went through working for Suri, all the friends I made, and all that hard work. My heart has one regret and that I won't know what it feels like to be fall in love with somepony.

Robber: Now then, your coming with me and-

She was cut off as a giant orange blur tackle her dropping her weapon. I notice that it was Barge.
Robber: GET OFF!
Barge: Sure *knock the robber unconscious.* I'll just tie you up so you won't escape before the po-po arrive. Are you okay Coco.

6 days later...

???: Coco, Miss Pommel.

I woke from my restless slumber and focused my blurred vision and noticed that my face was covered in whipped cream. I look and see a tall white bat mare with a short pink mane with a conductor baton cutie mark.
Coco: *groan.* Pulsa... what happened.

Pulsa is wealthy bat pony who work as composer for the world renowned Manehattan Center.

Pulsa: You passed out while I was telling you about a movie I saw, when suddenly you passed out and used the strawberry short cake as a pillow.

Coco: *laugh weakly* That explain the whipped cream beauty mask.
Pulsa: Is Everything alright deary?
Coco: *sigh* To be honest I've been having a hard time going to sleep
Pulsa: How come?

I explained to her how after my encounter with that robber, I've been having nightmares where I would enter the room and I would get ambushed by mysterious figure who would torment me.

Pulsa: Sounds like you been through a troubling ordeal. For a second I thought It had something to do due with the murders.
Coco: No, that something that only made even more harder to sleep.

2 days after the robbery, ponies in Vanhoovers started disappearing at night only to turn up dead in the river next. All that is know is that each victim were mares with petite bodies and that each one had been stabbed in the brain.

Coco: Plus I was given a job and I accepted it, but with everything that happened I wonder if it would be best to call and tell them to give the job to somepony else.

Pulsa: Hmm... Wolfgang
Coco: huh?

she dashed out of the room and brought back a business card with a phone number on it.

Wolfgang's bodyguard service, where loyalty and protection of the wolf is at your service for the right price
go to Old Bones Antiquate Shop or call 555-****

Pulsa: His service may be expensive but I'm sure he will help you.
Coco: Okay, just how expensive is it?

Pulsa told me how expensive it was to hire him. My heart sank, that was 4 times as much as I get paid for commission for a job.
Coco: How am am I going to get that much bits?
Pulsa: Well I did heard a rumors that there was another way to "pay." him.


I waited near by the Mane Fair Hotel looking around for Wolfgang. I called him last night and ask for his assistance. he agree and told me to meet at this spot. I looked around. My mind started to race on what he looks like. All that he told me was that he had a grey pelt, a white mane and a wolf around a sword for a cutie mark.
???: Excuse me.

I turned to the direction of the voice and standing there was a grey unicorn stallion with an athletic build . he had mane was semi-long, thick and long as snow. His tail was long and some what messy. his eyes were blue as the ocean.

???: Nice to meet you Coco.
Coco: *Confused* How do you know my name?
Wolfgang: Let see you fit the description of a cream color mare with two-tone colored mane and tail. The name Wolfgang. So would like to know how much you have to pay now or later?
Coco: umm...Now.

Wolfgang told me how much it would cost and I was a little bit reviled by the fact that it cost only half as what Pulsa told me, but still shocked by the fact that would put me in debt. Still it better than having no sleep at all.

Wolfgang: Shall we get going?
Coco: *nods* lets.

We grab a taxi as we head to the train station to catch the train to Vanhoovers. Hopefully I can sleep peacefully at night now.