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WIP Story

by Smokewolf13

Smokewolf13 This is Part 1 of 2 of Chapter 1. I haven't actually come up with a title, but I've been planning this series for a long time. I'm terrible with openings and introducing characters. My weakness as a writer. I hope you enjoy.
I'll call Chapter 1 "Pilot". I may be changing format after this, because the Pokecharms written work creator lags terribly on my computer, which is why I decided to write Chapter 1 in two parts. Chapter 1 will introduce the main characters, and at the very end will give the premise of this fanfiction.
A young man sleeps softly on his bed. His hair is dark brown, almost black. His skin is rather pale, and he has freckles. The room is small and dark except a blue light radiating from the digital clock reading "6:29am" on the night-stand next to his bed. All is silent. All over the desk is clutter; notebooks, folders, an empty soda bottle, some office supplies, his videogame controller for his computer, a Nintendo 3DS case, a black backpack with a single strap meant to cross the body. A black jacket hangs on the back of the computer chair. The clock changes to "6:30am" and a shrill beeping pierces the silence. The boy stirs slightly, but doesn't move immediately. The beeping speeds up and gets louder. He finally wakes up, but his eyes do not open. He reaches blindly for the clock and silences it. He wedges his other arm under him and pushes himself up on it, not allowing himself to fall back into slumber.

He pulls his legs to the side and over the edge of the bed, moving to a sitting position. He rests his head on his palms and rubs his eyes until he can open them. He heads to the bathroom and takes a shower. He returns to his room and gets dressed. Blue jeans, t-shirt, tennis shoes; the usual. He tosses the jacket over his shoulders and slides his arms into the sleeves as he's done a thousand times. By now the clock reads "7:20am". He puts his keys in his right pants pocket, the red lanyard hangs out by his side. He yawns and puts on his school ID reading "CHRISTOPHER EDAN". He grabs the backpack and tosses it over his shoulder, then heads out the door and waits by the street. A few minutes later, a school bus rumbles down the street and stops with a creak in front of his house. He boards and drops down near the middle on the right side. He retrieves his earbuds and his Mp3 player from his backpack and puts the earbuds in. He closes his eyes and hits "Play". The bus slowly fills with people. A young man noticably shorter than him with black hair and glasses sits down next to him and nudges him, saying something that Chris doesn't quite hear over the music. Chris reaches up and pulls the earbuds out.
"So you are awake," remarks the guy that just sat down with a bit of a laugh. He puts his backpack down in the floor at his feet.
"Good morning, Sky," Chris responds, wrapping the earbuds around his Mp3 player and sliding them back into his backpack.

They talk passively for the rest of the ride to school. When they go to get off the bus, they are accosted by a girl with short brown hair that is slightly shorter than Sky. She wraps her arms around Sky's neck and hangs from him a little. This is Gemma, Sky's girlfriend and Chris's best friend. They all head off to the cafeteria while chatting about the various happenings of the weekend. Sky taught his younger brother how to do a backflip, Gemma got a new bit of anime apparel from Amazon and Chris saw Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire news. They all sit down at the same table and talk for a little bit, then start doing their own thing. Gemma reads, Sky plays on his 3DS and Chris makes up some homework for his classes today. As he's working, his vision suddenly becomes obstructed by a pair of hands.
"Guess who!" teases a familiar girl's voice. It's his girlfriend, Grace. She warps her arms around his shoulders and then sits down next to him. She has brown hair down to the middle of her back. They converse back and forth until the bell rings.

End Part 1 of Chapter 1​