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will of Joey's rattata

by phoenixacezero

phoenixacezero Parody of Muldoon's Will. I do not own the copyright of to pokemon or MLP FiM
Today all the pokemon of Joey youngster gather today for a special occasion.

Pinkie pie: I been hired to read Mister Rttata's will.

Joey's Machop: well hurry before the bar closes. *take a swig of Fermented berry juice.*
Youngster Joey: poor rattata… WAHHHA
Joey's zigzagoon: there, there Joey.
Joey's Patrat: this predictably boring.
Joey's scatterbug: I never battle with a finer rat.
Pinkie Pie: okie dokie lokie, let's get the party. {posh voice.} I MISTER RATTATA, BEING OF SOUND MIND AND BODY!
Joey's Machop: that laugh.
Pinkie Pie: {posh voice} I leave the following. To my trainer Joey.
Joey: *crying*
Joey's Zigzagoon: Joey, he mean you.
Joey: oh.
Pinkie pie: {posh voice} To Joey, who sent me against over leveled pokemon, grubbed for rare item from me with your wimpy hoenn pokemon and then annoy me by saying I was a Rattata even after I evolved.
Joey: What?
Pinkie Pie: {posh voice} Ileave Joey, a mega kick to head.
Hitmonlee: *mega kick Joey.*
Joey: OUCH!
Joey's zigzagoon: Joey are you okay.
Pinkie Pie: and one for his wimpy zigzagoon.
Hitmonlee: *mega kick the zigzagoon.*
Joey's Zigzagoon: ouch.
Pinkie Pie: {posh voice} But since you admire my EXP share and I no longer need it.
Pinkie pie: {posh voice} I leave you with… another mega kick to the head.
Hitmonlee: *mega kick Joey.*
Joey: OUCH!
Pinkie Pie: and another for the zigzagoon.
Hitmonlee: *mega kick zigzagoon.*
Zigzagoon: OUCH!
pinkie pie: {posh voice} Next to Machop.
Machop: I don't want no mega kick to the face.
Pinkie pie: {posh voice} who only wasted his time at the bar.
Machop: Using dig. *Used dig.*
pinkie pie: {posh voice} to you I leave 5 bags of rare candies.
Machop: *pops up* really?
Pinkie pie: and a mega kick to the head.
Hitmonlee: *mega kick Machop.*
Pinkie pie: and 2 more for Joey.
Hitmonlee: *mega kick Joey's head twice.*
pinkie pie: to the know it all patrat.
Patrat: this so obvious.
Pinkie pie: I leave a mega kick to the head.
Hitmonlee: *mega kick patrat.*
patrat: OOFF! *faints*
Pinkie pie: and to scatterbug.
Scatterbug: I don't want anything.
Pinkie pie: Who made me laugh and was the only one to call me Raticate, I leave priceless fossil collection
Scatterbug: Oh how kind of him
Pinkie pie: … and another mega kick for Joey.
Joey: why m-
Hitmonlee: *interrupt Joey by mega kicking him.*
Pinkie pie: To my drug adicttee brother in Kanto I leave nothing cause your already dead.… and to my lawyer Pinkie pie I leave not a mega kick to the head, but a whacky inflatable tubeman. Yay *get the tubeman and star waving her foreleg in-sync with it.* and. I leave the rest of my vast fortune to people of twinleaf town so they can build a lab in the town.
Joey: THATS IT?!
Pinkie pie: That's it.
Pinkie pie: wait. There one more thing for Joey. It a lifetime supply of pie
Joey: ALRIGHT! I KNEW THAT THERE WAS PROBABLY SOMETHING GOOD FOR ME! So what flavour are we talking about.
Pinkie pie: 10 blaze kicks to the nuts.
Joey: oh
10 blazikens: *hit Joey right in between the leg with blaze kick.*

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