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Valentine's dilemma: well THAT escalated quickly.

by FalChromiforme

FalChromiforme This is the part where the story becomes purely fiction, and is no longer based on my relationships outside of cha--ANYWAYS, on with the #flashchallenge!
Sammy looked around, making sure Taylor was off talking to her friends. He set the package down next to her backpack, stood up, and walked away, pretending he hadn't done anything. He casually avoided talking to Taylor the rest of the day, sticking instead with Archie.
At the end of the day, he watched as Archie went up and gave his valentine to Taylor. He winced when he saw how awkwardly Taylor accepted it, as he knew what the look on Archie's face probably was.
As they walked home, Sammy tried to consul Archie. But Archie seemed to want to wallow in his sadness, as she constantly tried to change the subject. Eventually Sammy just let him, and when they got to Sammy's house, Archie was trying to look better. but Sammy could tell how hurt Archie was. He didn't bring it up for fear of emotionally injuring Archie more.
"Guess what we're doing tomorrow!" His mom said as Sammy got in the house, in the voice that meant trouble, or at least for Sammy it did. Sammy thought for a moment, then sighed.
"Ugh." Sammy said, and his mom nodded.
"Your sister's wedding!" his mom said, clearly happy. "And your friend Taylor will be there!"
Sammy immediately stopped, went upstairs, and thought up a million ways of getting out of going to the wedding. He knew, however, that none of them would work.
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