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Valentine's dilemma: Well isn't THIS awkward

by FalChromiforme

FalChromiforme part two of four of my #flashchallenge series . . .
Math class, 0830
About halfway through math, while the teacher was distracted, Sammy began writing. Ms. French was known to be extremely pissed whenever she found anybody doing anything non-math, even if they finished all of their mathwork. So Sammy, being as stealthy as possible (which is hard when you're bending over) reached down and slowly wrote, in (hot pink) sharpie: For Taylor, From--
"Hi Sam!" Sam moved his head to look up--and hit his head on the bottom of the desk. Taylor flinched when she saw this.
"Oh! Hullo Taylor!" Sammy said, trying to cover the package with his feet. It didn't help that all he noticed when he looked up at her was her perfect Green eyes and her chocolate hair. Yeah, Real subtle, he thought.
"Who's the valentine for?" Taylor asked, trying to get a look at the place where Sam had written on the baby blue packaging. Sam moved his feet everytime she moved her head. Then he noticed the math teacher walking over.
"Taylor--not the right time--" He said, trying to be as quiet as possible.
"Why?" she asked, louder than Sam would've liked.
"Taylor--French--" he said, motioning behind her. She turned around and her eyes widened, then she turned back to Sam and changed the subject.
"So . . . What did you get for this problem?" she asked, taking fugitive glances backwards to see if French had moved on to go give a detention to some other poor student.
"Who is it for?" Taylor asked in a deliberate whisper. Sam, however, seemed to have collected himself and was now decided on whether or not to speak.
"Find out later," Sam's reply came even after several more times asking. Finally Taylor left, and Sam bent down to add the final words to the valentine: Your Secret Admirer
During the passing period in between classes, Sam tried to decide when to sneak the valentine to her. Then it came to him, out of the blue. Right before lunch. Then she wouldn't know who it was, exactly. She'd have to ask around, and he could successfully deny that it was him.
Now having decided when to give it to her, Sammy spent the whole of Core brainstorming. Then, after Science, he carried it out. Until he hit a small hitch.
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  1. Azur
    Another sweet romantic entry, omigosh! I hope you don't mind, but this has given me some ideas for a story of my own. It's not like a copy or the same storyline, but your writing style have me an idea for something.
    Feb 3, 2015