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Welcome to the Hall of Fame.

by CharlyGold

CharlyGold Just a short story I put together for my freind. They nearly tricked me into properly shipping Gary x Ritchie, but alas their plan failed. Constructive critisism is welome!
Ritchie couldn’t help but break out into a full and cheery smile as his teal eyes secured themselves onto another male. This other went by the name of Gary Oak, and was just dubbed Pokemon League champion! Chuckling to himself as his “Prince charming” walked casually down the heavily decorated stairway; he spied an unfamiliar object on his crushes head. At the peak of the Champion’s head stood the most astonishing piece of jewellery Ritchie had ever seen: a golden crown of perfect craftsmanship, embedded with glistening gemstones that shone so elegantly that the boy thought someone had plucked the stars from the sky, and had placed them accordingly upon the vastest sea of gold. The crown only added to the image. Right now all he could see was a handsome, popular teen who just emanated a confident and caring aura.

As Gary moved closer towards the end of the stairway, cheering family and friends let off a barrage of party streamers. Each with their own profound colour, the flimsy pieces of paper and glitter danced randomly across the mint scented air. Gradually settling across the floor and in Gary’s perfectly groomed hair, Ritchie couldn’t help by giggle to himself as the handsome trainer plucked the last piece of streamer from the air and placed it between his lip and nose to form some kind of multi-coloured moustache. “You look great like that, Gary. Maybe you should make it a permanent adjustment?” Ritchie teased as he ran over to the bottom of the stairway. Looking up at his crush and winking, he felt the Champions gaze fall onto him like a ton of bricks. However, this feeling quickly vanished as the stair-descending teen’s face broke out into a surprised smile.

“No way, Ritchie?!” Gary’s eyes locked on him as his pace quickened from a glide to a leap down the stairs. “It’s been far too long, how are ya?” Gary’s voice was low and calm, but still had that slight hint of childish excitement concealed deep within. This was probably what Ritchie missed most about this guy, his ability to perfectly balance the emotions of responsibility and fun, without making it seem difficult.

“I’m great, just enjoying the…” Sparky’s trainer looked around and chuckled at the scene. Children and adults alike were petting Pokemon and chatting away as they celebrate the newest Champion’s “rise to fame”. Turning his hatless head back around swiftly, he faces the adolescent boy with his playful smirk. Finishing his sentence with a slight stutter, he mumbles “J-Just enjoying the party…” His voice trails off as his eyes make contact with Gary’s.

Gary’s eyes (however unintentional it was) always seemed to be able to enchant whomever looked upon them. Shining like the deepest, most polished emeralds had been hand selected by the King of Kalos himself, and then blessed with all the beauty of the world, he admired them. Being a daydreamer, he couldn’t help but wonder if Arceus itself had transferred the magnificence of the sun into the ever so warm and gentle shimmer in his eyes. “He’s perfect…” Ritchie thought to himself as he felt his heart skip a beat. Stood right in front of him was the person of his dreams. “No.” Ritchie thought. “Not even a dream could conjure up something this perfect…”

However, those few seconds ended far too quickly for Ritchie’s liking, as he was snapped out of his “lovey-dovey trance” by the same soothing voice that had led him into it. “Anyway, smell ya later.” Gary’s voice, which to Ritchie sounded faintly distracted and half-hearted, shot through him like a bullet to the brain. The handsome teen had already moved about five meters away from Ritchie before the male even thought of turning around to wave goodbye. “A-ah. Right, sorry. Enjo-“ Speaking as he turns, he is immediately cut off by the image presented in front of him. Laughing and smiling with Gary was none other than Ash Ketchum himself.

Ash was another competitor in the Indigo league, about the same age as Ritchie. Heart sinking, he recalls how he had not long beaten Ash during the preliminary rounds of the league. “Why are you so happy?” Ritchie thinks to himself as the part around him seems to slow down and stop.

“Are you happy to be around him?”

“Do you forget all the pain when you talk to him?”

“God dammit be upset. You just lost!”

Fist’s clenching, and teeth grating, his head drops to the floor as an empty feeling settles in his stomach. The sight of seeing the two together made Ritchie crazy with a feeling he wasn’t all too sure of. Anger? Hate? Sadness? Ritchie couldn’t place of finger on it at all. It was as if his heart had just been stamped on and his mouth had just been tapped over. “What is this?” He silently shouts at himself as tears begin to form in his plain teal eyes, they’re dampness only adding to the confusion of it all. Until suddenly he snapped. “That’s it…” He thought to himself as he raised his teary eyes towards the two. Glaring at Ash with the upmost guilt, he finally named the feeling that had taken over his entire being.

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