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Warrior Cats: The Raven and Breeze Return

by SmolLimon

SmolLimon Nightcloud and Crowfeather's kits, Ravenkit and Breezekit, have been captured by rogues and are returning home. Will they ever return to their home?
Ravenkit was padding alongside with her brother, Breezekit. ''Where are we?" she whimpered. She and Breezekit were walking for a very long time.

''I think this is the border,'' Breezekit meowed. His black fur was soaked in the rain.

''I hope it is,'' Ravenkit growled. Ravenkit had her mother's temper. Breezekit had mentioned that she is the copy of Crowfeather.

Ravenkit and Breezekit padded up to the border. They could smell a scent of WindClan cats. ''They're here!'' Mudclaw, WindClan's deputy, called out.

Tallstar padded up to Mudclaw. ''Good work, Mudclaw. Now Ravenkit and Breezekit, let's get you kits to your mother,'' he meowed.

Nightcloud lay resting in the nursery. Ravenkit woke her with a start.

''Ravenkit! Breezekit!'' Nightcloud cried. She brought her kits closer to her.

''It's been so long since I last saw you,'' Nightcloud whispered.

As she said those words, Ravenkit and Breezekit drifted to sleep.

Warrior Cat