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Warrior Cats: All Alone

by SmolLimon

SmolLimon Snowkit, Brightkit, and Stormkit have lost their mother, Dash, to an accident during a patrol. Will the kits become warriors without their mother seeing?
Chapter One: Kits are Born

''Mommy, when is Brightkit going to open her eyes?" Snowkit complained.

''Wait,'' Dash whispered. ''She'll wake up in her own time.'' As she said this, Brightkit twitched uncontrollably. That's right, Snowkit, in my one time!

Brightkit opened her eyes. Her eyes were blue, just like her mother's.

''Brightkit, you opened your eyes!" Snowkit purred. Brightkit looked at Snowkit's eyes, they were yellow, just like her father's. Stormkit sat in the corner with a pouty face.

''Stormkit squeals too much. I think you should've called him Squealkit!" Brightkit meowed.

''Hey, that's not nice!" Snowkit meowed.

Dash flicked her tail. ''You two get along with your brother, and why don't you go outside and play with Diamondkit?" she purred.

''Yes, Mommy,'' Brightkit and Snowkit meowed.

Snowkit went outside to play with Diamondkit, who was four moons older than her. ''Hey, Snowkit!" Diamondkit purred.

''Hello, Diamondkit,'' Snowkit smiled.

End of Chapter One

Diamondkit belongs to Pikachucat97
Snowkit, Brightkit, Stormkit, Blackfeather, and Dash belong to me