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The Vocaloid Chronicles: Vocaloid House

by FalChromiforme

FalChromiforme Saw the others in the house doing this, so I'll do it to. Although this one's a bit more "historical" so to speak. Just like the house, it starts with just Len and Miku and expands from there . . .
Len walked in the door of the mansion yawning after spending another day searching.
"Where could they all be?" he asked himself. All day, he and Miku had been searching for more vocaloids to help them run the Vocaloid House. Needless to say, it hadn't gone very well.
"I thought I saw Rin walking down a street, but . . . nothing." Miku said. "We at least need to get a few more Vocaloids." Len nodded his agreement. He went and sat down on the couch, removing one of Miku's wrappers from where he was sitting.
The doorbell rang. Len stood up, running to get to the door before Miku, who had gone upstairs. He heard her singing as he approached the door. Tentatively opening it, he was relieved to see it was just Gakupo.
"Mind if I join you two?" he asked. Len nodded, silently celebrating. Gakupo walked in and fell down on the couch, sitting back up after hearing Miku's wrapper crunch under him.
"Oh yeah," he added, "I brought Luka." As if on cue, Luka walked in and walked upstairs, where she could be heard conversing with Miku.
"Miku called me about this place, so I thought I'd join the fun. Say, where is everybody?"
Len laughed, the stress of the day coming off of him. "We're trying to invite them to come. Sad to say, not even Rin has come here yet."
Gakupo smiled. "Well, then, let's go find them."