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Vernorrian Variant Sprites: Variant Vaporeon Beta Sprites

by PHTC01

PHTC01 Yes. In Vernorr all Vaporeon are goth now. But jokes aside, this design is much more recent than my past Eevee sprite, hence the improvement in shading and color choice. These took roughly a day to edit. While I would say the front sprite has few problems, it is plain that the ears, tail, and now of the backsprite will need reworking. Variant Vaporeon is Grass/Water and embodies the medium of fashion. It’s flashy shapes and implied clothing are meant to mimic the exaggerated looks of renaissance royal’s clothing, though it ended up with a goth palette and the eyeliner to match.
  1. KittehKatPoodums
    oooooh! Very elegant!
    Sep 18, 2020
    PHTC01 likes this.