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Unused (or forgotten) sprites - 2014~2015 (Jan~Mar)

by CombuskenBrazil

Xavier Battle Sprite.png TeamBladeHunter-Asha.png BFrontierTheaterOwnerLouis.png Request1.png
CombuskenBrazil 1st - Rival Xavier: This was one of my first sprites. I tried spriting the possible T'Trenkou "alpha/beta" character. He is a bit similiar to it, but a bit different too.
2nd - Team Blade Hunter, Asha: Reference to Komato Assassin Asha, from Iji. I tried recycle Xavier sprite. The SPRITE is unused, in the Fan Fiction, he keeps being a character.
3rd - Theater Owner Louis: A possible Taya Battle Frontier, Frontier Brain. I think that is more forgotten, to unused.
4th - @Kayla Seitz Request: He hee. This is forgotten! Sorry, but I forgot on uploading it! ,XD

Now, you know what I forgot! Thanks, now have fun!