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TPA: Uncle?

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 Chapter 7 Baby!!!
Taylor,Scott,and William strolled(waddled) to Toparian City.The little pikachu grumbled inside the pokeball.
"Why her?Why...him?"she thought,though,Taylor never thought of what she thought about.All he knew was she was his,and no one else's.As Scott talked,Taylor listened,laughing with him.The Beavler and Taylor's Torchee chattered and squeaked along the way.As they waltzed into Toparian City,they looked around,
"Ah'm starvin',how 'bout you?"Scott bellowed.Taylor nodded,they asked people where a restaurant was.They all gave directions to a place called "Shizen's Dining Resturant".
There,they ate like kings,and after they paid,went to the gym.They looked around,but didn't notice they were splitting.All of a sudden,Taylor bumped into a tall body!The boy fell back from impact and gazed up.
"Un-Uncle Ash?!"Taylor yelled,he jumped and squeezed his uncle.Ash gave a hearty laugh and took off Taylor's cap,ruffling with his nephew's hair.
"I see you still have the cap you gave me."Ash examined,Taylor nodded,
"And you've grown!"his uncle picked him up and spun him around.Both of them laughed together.Unfortunately...Taylor forgot all about Scott and William.
Scott strode around and felt something clinging to his leg,it was William,who was scared.
"Don't worry,buddy,we'll find a way out."Scott reassured,while picking Will up to place on his shoulder.Though,Scott felt frightened as well,he didn't know how to get to places in this,gigantic,place.It was true,Scott had Mazeophobia,he,was afraid of getting lost.