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Valentine's dilemma: Umm . . . .

by FalChromiforme

FalChromiforme the awkward conclusion to my wonderful #flashchallenge . . . This was fun to write . . . IT also took me back to my first--*AHEM* yeah. Here it is
The next day, Sammy felt himself dying slowly as he watched a wedding in progress. But the reception was where he wished he could die. Well, only after what happened.
Sammy was at the wedding when the DJ (a college friend of his sister's) told him there was a slow dance up next.
"How does this apply to me?" Sammy whispered back.
"There are only two 13-year-olds here," he said. "And your crush happens to be the other one. . ."
Sammy froze. "what."
The DJ nodded and laughed. And the song ended. Then he laughed some more before grabbing the microphone.
"Here's a slow song for everybody! Everybody grab somebody their age!" then he gave Sammy a half-gloating, half-apologetic smile.
So Sammy ended up dancing with Taylor, who had this awkward smile on her lips the whole time.
After that dance, they went out for the wedding sendoff. As Sammy stood out there, he noticed that Taylor was wearing a short-sleeved, knee length dress--she was shivering in the midwinter night.
"Need a jacket?" Sammy asked, giving here a warm smile.
"Oh-ah-don't you need that?" she asked, her teeth chattering.
Sammy looked down. He was wearing a jacket, sweater, shirt, and undershirt. "You know what? I think I'm good."
He placed it around her shoulders, and she smiled at him. He smiled back, and they stood there for a moment, waiting.
A flash blinded Sammy for a moment.
"Two weddings at once???" the photographer asked (was everybody here a college friend of Sis's?).
"A happy couple," his partner said. Sammy frowned and glared at both of them. Taylor smiled when she saw his face.
"You know what? I think he's right," Taylor said. She kissed Sammy on the lips, then turned back to watch for Sammy's sister and her husband. The rest of the wedding passed with Taylor leaning her head on Sammy's shoulder, and Sammy's mouth was curved into a small smile. Looks like valentine's day was a success after all. . .
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  1. Azur
    D'aww, what a sweet story! ♥
    Feb 12, 2015
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