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Umbreon's Destiny Chapter 1

by Shiny_Umbreon

Shiny_Umbreon A Journey Through The Eyes Of An Umbreon
I woke up from my nap in the cool Autumn forest I was just a wild pokemon.No trainer or battles to fight I could just relax. But life wasn't that prefect for a SHINY umbreon going into town hidden and stealing food from street venders.I had to be carefull of trainers I was told that they put you in a pokeball you are lucky if you get in a luxury ball.If you don't you get a cramped little space to sit in all day my fear is I will be in just a regular one and be stuck in there for a long time!
I went in to town it was late at night so I should be safe from trainers. I found this glorious apple I ran as fast as I could to try and get it but rigjt as I was in front of it there was another pokemon with a trainer far behind it I backed away from it.It was a Froakie I panicked I would get spotted by the trainer and even worse get caught in one of those pokeballs
"Whats your problam?"I said to the froakie
He/she just kept on walking like it didn't even hear me. The trainer was coming closer now he was running I quikly dashed ito the safe forest where I haven't seen any trainers in a while. I went to sleep with an empty stomach. I kinda wanted to be captured soo I could have food.I quikly fell asleep with tjis thought. . .
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